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Dolomity d´Ampezzane – PomagagnonVia ferrataYou can reach Pomagagnon summit by climbing easy via ferrata. It is a half day trip. Second half of the day you can spend in Fanes valley.
Frozen Niagara Falls climbed for first timeVideoWill Gadd or Sarah Hueniken managed to climbed frozen Niagara falls, and you can be part of that climb by whatching this video.
Wildspitze - Austria second highest summitExpedition,HikingWildspitze - highest summit in Tirol and second highest in Austria. Hike to summit is not difficult, however you need to have glacier experience.
Iceland ring road - 2. west IcelandExpeditionWest Iceland offers lot of places, which are worth of the visit. During our trip we decided to visit couple of lovely spots on west Iceland.
Walking on the water in High TatrasVideoWalking on the water is always a miracle. Not in High Tatras in Slovakia, where this video was captured.
Tassilo via ferrata to SchermbergVia ferrataVia ferrata Tassilo to Schermber is easy via ferrata with one or two more difficult places. It takes about 3 hours to climb this amazing route.
Via ferrata Konigsjodler - different viewVia ferrataVia ferrata Konigsjodler is one of the most visited via ferrata in Berchtesgaden Alps. If you will climb it, you will for sure understand why.
Mödlinger or why and how to start with via ferrataVia ferrataVia ferrata is becoming really popular sport. There are various reasson why to start and guide how to start with via ferrata.
Slovakia - inversion from Velky RozsutecVideo,HikingVelky Rozsutec is one of the nicest peaks in Low Fatra. Watching inversion from it is pure passion. You should try it for sure.
Triglav - highest summit in SloveniaHikingTriglav as highest summit in Slovenia offers amazing views and it is relatively easily reachable summit in winter from Krma valley.
Schermberg – Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains)Expedition,HikingTotes Gebirge are really interesting place and deffinitelly deserves the names. Schermberg summit offers great view on Totes Gebirge plateau.
Tofana di Rozes - majestic and impressiveVia ferrataTofana di Rozes is must see via ferrata in Dolomites. I don`t know hiker or via ferrata climber who miss Tofana di Rozes during Dolomites visit.
First time in Tirol - SimilaunExpedition,HikingTirol is a great place for every hikers. Lots of summits over 3 000 m / 10 000 ft and most of them are reachable. Similaun is one of them.
New Zealand beautyVideo,Amazing natureTimelapse video are more and more popular. Awakening is great timelapse from New Zealand showing stunning nature sceneries.
Visit in Kamnik–Savinja AlpsExpedition,Hiking,Via ferrataThis trip was planned to reach Grintovec, highest summit of Kamnik–Savinja Alps, however this time we just visited Kamnik–Savinja Alps.
Tatabanya via ferrataVia ferrataTatabanya via ferrata is great place where to start practising for via ferrata seasson in March or April. In Alps is lot of snow, but here is none.
Swiss - Italian Alpine timelapseVideoSwiss - Italian Alpine timelapse capture couple of amazing nature sceneries. If you love nature, you will love this video for sure.
Slovakia - Sunrise from Velky KrivanHikingSunrise is most beautiful part of the day. Watching it from the mountain is everytime something special
Iceland ring road – 5. south IcelandExpeditionSouth Iceland has a lot to offer. Golden circle is option how to see some of beauty in short time. However south Iceland has much more to offer.
Slovakia - little big countryVideo,Amazing natureSlovakia as small country in heart of Europe has a lot of to offer. Especially, if we are talking about hiking and mountains.
Silver Bullet Übungsklettersteig via ferrataVia ferrataSilver Bullet Übungsklettersteig is great place where to spend nice afternoon climbing and have a nice diner at the same time.
Rysy - highest summit in PolandHikingRysy, highest summit can be reached from Poland or from Slovakia. Hiking path from Poland is more demanding and more amazing.
Rosslochhöhlen via ferrataVia ferrataRosslochhohlen via ferrata is situated few minutes above Kaiser Franz Joseph via ferrata. Both can be done in one day by experienced climber.
Dolomity d´Ampezzane Gruppo Tofane - Punta AnnaVia ferrataPunta Anna is interesting via ferrata near Tofana di Rozes in Dolomites. It is more difficult via ferrata, for experienced climbers.
Piz BerninaHikingPiz Bernina is most eastern Alps summit with altitude over 4 000 m / 13 123 ft. It is situated in Italian Switzzeralnd border and only one in Eastern Alps.
Peak Koprovsky stit in the main roleHikingPeak Koprovsky stit is definitely an amazing starting point if you decide to pick up hiking in High Tatras and reach one of the summits.
Ostry Rohac - symbol of west TatrasHikingOstry Rohac is important peak in west Tatras. Many people are reaching summit because of its beauty and it can be reached relatively easily.
Iceland ring road – 3. north IcelandExpeditionNorth Iceland has lot of to offer. Besides waterfalls and whales it is lake Mývatn which is heart of north Iceland. During your visit do not miss it.
Neuschwanstein castle and few via ferratasExpedition,HikingNeuschwanstein castle is probably most beautiful castle in Germany and for sure it belongs to top of the Europe castles. Nature around castle is amazing.
Naturfreunde klettersteige on Easter SaturdayVia ferrataNaturfreunde klettersteige / via ferrata is great for practising or learning climbing skills. There are plenty of routes with different difficulties.
Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca VuerichExpedition,HikingMy first visit of Julian Alps was in Bivacco Luca Vuerich. This place is just amazing and can offers stunning views during sunset.
Hans von Haidsteig – My first big via ferrataVia ferrataMy first via ferrata which I have climbed was Hans von Haidsteig. Since the first time I climbed this route lots of time and I still love it.
What is mountain biking about?VideoMountain biking is sport which makes you feel better? What is the reasson behind? Probably speed, freedom, adrenalin, nature and much more.
Via ferrata Italiana to MangartVia ferrataMangart summit is situated on Italian Slovenian border. From both countries is via ferrata to the summit. Italian one is much nicer.
To Lomnicky stit via Jordan routeHikingLomnicky stit is dream lot of Slovak hikers. Most famous hiking path to it summit is Jordan route and we have climb on summit taking this path.
Krimml waterfall and playing fountainVideo,HikingKrimml waterfall is biggest waterfall in Europe, therefore you should not miss it. Especially lower waterfall is stunning.
Konigsjodler via ferrata - dream come trueVia ferrataKonigsjodler via ferrata was my dream for couple of months. During the climbing I had amazing weather and enjoyed climbing a lot.
Königsjodler via ferrataVideo,Via ferrataKönigsjodler via ferrata via ferrata is my New Years resolutions. I belive it will come true this year, cause this video is amayzing.
Kaiser Franz Joseph via ferrataVia ferrataKaiser Franz Joseph via ferrata is nice route near Eisenerz city. It is long, difficult and offers great views to surrounding nature.
Jôf di Montasio - Julian Alps princeHiking,Via ferrataJôf di Montasio (2 754 m) is second highest summit in Julian Alps. Summit can be reached by several routes. Easiest ascent is via Scala Pipan.
Klettersteig season 2015 startsVia ferrataIn half of march we wanted to start climbing few Klettersteig / via ferratas. Modlinger, Pittentaller and Wahringer were good for first touch with rocks.
Slavkovsky stit from my point of viewHikingIn good weather condition Slavkovsky stit offers great view at Lomnicky stit and Gerlachovsky stit. Slavkovsky stit should be on list of every hiker.
Galugg via ferrataVia ferrataIn city of Landeck you can find Galugg via ferrata, which should be easy one. However during wet weather it is much more difficult.
Grandlspitz - Konigsjodler smaller sisterVia ferrataIn Berchtesgaden Alps is Konigsjodler most favourite ferrata for sure. However next to it is Grandlspitz, which offer great view as well.
Via ferrata arena - Klettersteigarena HöhenburgVia ferrataIf you go up to Kaprun dams, make sure you will have via ferrata with you. Near the upper dam is Klettersteigarena Höhenburg with 3 different routes.
Grossglockner high Alpine roadHikingIf you are not able to go to mountains, but you love them Grossglockner high Alpine road is right place for you.
Drachenwand via ferrataVia ferrataI would recommend Drachenwand via ferrata to less experienced climbers. There are not relly difficult parts and the bridge and bench are worth of visit.
HZS via ferrata under Martinské holeVia ferrataHZS via ferrata is only one via ferrata route in Slovakia. It is best place to get first experience with via ferrata in Slovakia.
Iceland ring road – 4. east IcelandExpeditionHills, waterfalls, fjords, glacier. Those are the best describing words about east Iceland. Nature is amazing and you should visit it during your your stay.
To Banikov via Rohacske lakesHikingHike from Banikov to Smutne saddle is from my point of view one of the nicest hikes you can enjoy in West Tatras. It is really worth of visit.
Crazy hike through TriglavHikingHighest Slovenian summit Triglav is visited by a lot of hikers and climbers. It is somehow tradition on the highest summit of every country.
Grossglockner - highest summit in AustriaExpeditionGrossglockner as highest mountain in Austria is dream for lot of hikers. Hikers want to climb highest peak, which offers great view and amazing experience.
Grosses Wiesbachhorn - glacier attemptExpeditionGrosses Wiesbachhorn was my second glacier attempt. We had all the equipment needed for glacier hike, but at the end we went just arond glacier.
Grosser Priel - Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains)Expedition,HikingGrosser Priel, Totes Gebirge heighest summit, can be reached via via ferrata routes or regular hiking path. It is up to you which one you prefer.
Gerlach - Slovakia highest summitHikingGerlachovsky stit also know as Gerlach, highest summit of Slovakia, offers stunning views. Nowadays is summit reachable with mountain guide.
Geopuzzle - Wooden churches of SlovakiaExpedition,GeocachingGeopuzzle Wooden churches of Slovakia is great tip for road trip. You just need few days and low budget and you will never forget about this trip.
Queue for GebirgsvereinssteigVia ferrataGebirgsvereinssteig is favourite via ferrata in Hohe Wand, because of its lenght and difficulty. It offers also great view at Schneeberg.
Iceland ring road - 1 plans and travelExpeditionEvery traveler and nature lover wants to visit Iceland. Country of fire and ice and breathtaking nature. Iceland ring road will show you small piece of it
BockhartseeHikingDuring my returnt to Sportsgastein I have visited Bockhartsee lakes. Both Bockhartsee lake and dam are worth of visit.
Dinara - highest summit of CroatiaHikingDuring my last trip to Croatia I have planned visit Dinara, highest summit of Croatia. From my point of view it was really exceptional hike.
Dolomites d´Ampezzo – Monte CristalloVia ferrataDolimites Monte Cristallo is heavy visited summit because of its beauty. It is not recommended for unexperienced via ferrata climbers.
Csesznek via ferrata - my first fallVia ferrataCsesznek via ferrata is very nice place for practicing routes with various difficulties. For me it is the place where I fall down for the first time.
Dolomity d´Ampezzane - Col RosaVia ferrataCol Rosa is summit near Cortina D`ampezzo with 360 degrees view. Summit can be reached vie medium difficulty via ferrata. Hike time is 5 hours.
Col dei BosVia ferrataCol dei Bos is small via ferrata suitable for half day climb. It is not well known, but could be great for watching sunset or sunrise.
Cima Fanis SudHiking,Via ferrataCima Fanis belongs to TOP via ferratas in Dolomites. It is hard via ferrata for experienced climbers.
Attersee via ferrataVia ferrataAttersee via ferrata offers great combination of rock and water. View from route is amazing. Attersee lake gives you special feeling.
Schneeberg via WeichtalklammHikingAscent to Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm is nice hike combining hike thru canyon with great views from Schneeberg summit.
From Sportsgastein to SchareckExpedition,HikingAscent from Sporsgastein to Schareck is really amazing, but demanding hike if you want to go all the way to Niedersachsenhaus.
Grossvenediger – first time on glacierExpedition,HikingArticle desribes my first glacier experience in Alps. My first ascent to fourth highest Austrian summit.
Sorapiss round routeHiking,Via ferrataAmazing Sorapiss roundtrip took me two days. Amazing views, thunderstorm and nice via ferratas. Sorapiss offers everything for every single hiker.
Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca Vuerich (part 2)Expedition,HikingAfter night spend in Bivacco Luca Vuerich it is time to go back, descent to parking place. Before that we for sure climb Terra Rossa summit.

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