Ascent to Hoher Sonnblick

I wanted to hike to summit of Hoher Sonnblick for very long time. First time I have seen it during my hike with my friends to Schareck, however it was few years ago. During our last hike to Myrafälle a Steinwandklamm we have agreed, we will take our friends for another hike during weekend.

We were looking for a good weather in Slovenia and Austria, but at the end we have decided to go to Hohe Tauern. Weather forecast seems to be the best in this part of Alps. As always Friday after work we are getting into the car and going to mountains. Our first time in Rauris valley.

First night we are sleeping in the valley. In the morning hotel serves breakfast from 8 am. It is fine with us, because todays hike is relatively short. We need to go only up to Zittelhaus. Descent is scheduled for Sunday. As it sometime happened, weather forecast is totally wrong. It is mostly cloudy and all the mountains are hidden in them. So far, we do not care, hopefully it will get better during the day.

After breakfast we are getting in to the car again in order to drive to the end of the tall road. Toll was 9 € for car and four adults. Unfortunately, we can par our car at Kolm Saigurn. Last two kilometers we had to walk. At least it was almost flat hike, which did not take more than 30 minutes.

Without stopping we continue to the Neubauhaus (2175 m/ 7136 ft), which is about 550 m in altitude above us. Path goes up steeply, so soon we have nice view to the valley. Mountains are still hidden in the clouds. We pass lovely waterfall, which is full of water. It is getting steeper and steeper. Once in a while I have to stop to rest. In less than two hours we have reached the hut, where we will sit down and get ready for next part.

Middle part means hike to Rojacherhutte (2718 m n. m), which means ascent another 600 m in altitude. Hope, that for two our friends it will be OK. For them it is first ascent to that altitude. From the beginning it is easy hike. Clouds are totally around us and we cannot see any mountains. Also, we have to cross one snow field.

In second snow field we have lost the path. I have to turn on GPS on my phone a soon we are back on the right path. Thanks for modern technology. We have to be careful on the snow filed. Later we get back to rock, and via last snow field we are on the hut.

Be aware that Rojacherhutte is really small hut and I would not call it hut. It is really tiny shelter. There is couple who take care of the hut and are able to make you hot soup. Hopefully we will have enough energy to climb last part of the ascent.

To Zittlehaus (3106 m) we need to ascent another 450 m in altitude. Most easy part of the they from altitude point of view. On other side it is most exposed terrain directly on the crest. Few minutes above hut we are on the crest. Weather is not getting better and we have still no views.

Me and one of mi friends are very slow. Girls are much faster. Soon they are out of our sight. We are very slow and actually spend more time resting than walking. Lots of hikers are passing us. Frankly, we don’t care. Sunset will be in couple of hours.

For few seconds clouds let us see something. But it is not as I would like. Weather forecast promised much better conditions. Crest gets flatter and we know soon we will be on the hut. Few more steps on flat crest and we are on the hut. Girls are already here, for about 30 minutes. Whole hike took about 7 to 8 hours. We have spent lots of time on huts.

Now it is time to eat something warm and have few blueberry shots. Hopefully it will be better weather tomorrow. On Sunday we want to go to Hocharn and back to the valley. If weather will not get better, we will descent via same path.

Sunday morning is still bad weather. I quickly doublecheck with hut guy, what is the easiest way down. Clearly it is the way, we have come up. In less than 5 hours, with one lunch stop in one of the huts, we are back to the car. I am really proud of everyone. We did great hike to Hoher Sonnblick, unfortunately we did not see much, because of the clouds. Hopefully I will come back with my wife to enjoy the views in better weather.

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