Attersee via ferrata

It is mid of September. End of via ferrata season is coming. However, I do have a lot of routes in my to do list. Some of them have to be posponed to next year, or year after or…. Everything is based on the weather and climbing friends. It seems that weekend will be great and I could climb another two or three via ferratas from my list. Attersee via ferrata and Drachenwand via ferrata are top priority. Near Attersee and Mondsee lakes should be great weather during the weekend and one friend of mine is willing to join me.

As always we are leaving from Bratislava early Saturday morning and heading Salzburg direction. In Steinbach am Attersee we want to stop for lunch. We parked next to one restaurant and noticed three elderly people. Two ladies supporting one man. He can not stand by him self. During the discussion we find out that man has fallen down and is not able to walk. Something happened to one of his leg. His wife wanted to call ambulance, but he didnt want to go to hospital. After a while both ladies convniced him. There is no other solution for this situation, he can not go home, even it is just few steps away. Most of the time, we could not do anything just hold old man on his feet. Every move was very painful for him. At least we waited till ambulance come and take care of this man.

What a strange beginning of the day. Anyway it is time to go for lunch, have some “Wienerschnitzel” and get climbing. Shortly after 1pm I am parking car in Weissenbach am Attersee, packing all needed stuff and start walking to Attersee via ferrata. It took as about 40 minutes to reach Attersee via ferrata starting point. In woods we almost missed right turn up to the hill. Couple of guys from Czech republic are getting ready to climb as well.

Attersee via ferrata start is simple and easy. It is getting really interesting from sign saying 500 meters of altitude left. Finally route is becoming vertical and I need to climb, not just walk. Best part of Attersee via ferrata are the views. They are just stunning. You can admire amazingly clean water of Attesee lake, lots of boats sailing on it, and huge rock walls going up directly from the water.

Girl which is infront of us have reached overhanging part of Attersee via ferrata. She is having difficult time to pass it. Friend of mine, climbed only few via ferratas, I am wondering if she will make it. To be honest, I didnt expect any overhanging part in Attersee via ferrata. Miska got stuck at the same place. I need to climb infront of her. Show Miska how to get thru this tricky part, how to sit down and relax. At the second attempt she did. She is real climbing talent. Or maybe I am great teacher :) It doesnt matter. Both of us got thru and we can continue climbing.

Next part is for me pure fun. Wall is totaly vertical and there are no natural place for holding or placing your foot. Only iron poles stick out from the rock. For me it is nice stairway and I enjoy it a lot. I have experienced this type of route couple times. But everytime the poles where longer and I had to wath my knees to not hurt them.

3 hours later we are almost on the top. Problem is that we have run out of the water. We have noting to dring, need to climb 100 meters and than descent to car. This is going to be fun. In the remaining parts of via ferrata there are no tricky or difficult parts. As far as I remembered from Attersee via ferrata map, there should be another difficult stop near to the top. But we didnt “find it”.

From the top is great view on Dachstein glacier, Attersee lake and other via ferratas. Tomorrow we are planing climb Drachenwand via ferrata, it should be easier. Near the top we are waiting for Czech guys. We have passed them during the climbing. Unfortunately, they are short on water as well.

It is time to descent. We dont rush. We did it, it is not even 6 pm. Plenty of time till sunset. Shortly after 6 we are having short break, sit down enjoy the views. Some strange thought came to my mind. Is camp, where we are suppose to sleep open till 9 pm or 19:00 (7pm)? I am not sure, but I will call them to check. It turns out it is just 7pm. I did my best to conviced lady in the camp to wait till 7:15. But this means we need to hurry up, get to the car as soon as possible. Camp is not in village, where we are parking. Hopefuly we will make it.

Both of us are quite thursty, but we need to speed up a lot. Every 5 minutes I am checking the time. It is 7 pm, and we are getting to the car. Miska is taking out bottle of watter from the trunk, I am starting the car. We need to hit the road as soon as possible. Around 7:10 we are in the camp happy, that we have place to spend the night. It is time to take shower and look for nice dinner place.

This day was strange, usuallaly my hikes and climbes are nice, easy, relaxing and not stressy like this one. Probably from time to time, something has to go wrong. I was bit surprised how warm can be wall in mid september. I can not imagine climbing Attesee via ferrata during the summer. It would mean taking with me at least 4 liters of water. Overall it is great via ferrata route and I will come back in the future for sure.

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