Back to the past – Rakytov

Last weekend we did our best to have good acclimatization for some higher mountains. On Grossvenediger we did not have best weather conditions, but at least we reach the summit. Next week we wanted to go to Italy – Swiss border, however weather cancelled our plans. Already planned vacation me and my girlfriend spend with our families. During this time we had time to visit one of the most important “summit” in my life – Rakytov in Velka Fatra.

National park Velka Fatra and Rakytov it self has special place in my hiking history. As a kid I spend couple of summers in Smrekovica. I was around 11, when my father took me and my sister (around 7) for big hike to Rakytov. We used to go into the woods in my home town, but there are almost no mountains, or hills. Country is flat. Going out in Velka Fatra was totally different experience.

Of course I do not remember all the details, but for sure it was whole day hike at that time and we had to be fully prepared. After breakfast we pack all needed stuff especially water and food. During the way to Rakytov we stopped on Skalna Alpa. This is the place where I for the first time ever saw really steep hills from the top. Every time before it was from the bottom, so it was very special for me.

As we continued towards Rakytov I could enjoy the view to several different “summits” of the area. At that time I already start thinking how hard it is to reach some of them (all of them are below 1 600 m / 5 250 ft). For sure I wanted to visit all of them.

As we reached Rakytov saddle we had to walk up in steep hill. From my childhood I remember this part of the hike as most demanding and it took lots of time. Effort was totally worth it. View from the Rakytov is amazing, you can see everything around and touch the sky. This is the place where I fell in love with hiking. It was very first time when we were “seriously” hiking.

During short trip to this place with my girlfriend I realize, that I haven`t been in those mountains for ages. I remember some of parts of the route and the beauty of it. We were able to do whole path in bit more than 3 hours. Steep and demanding part is about 15 minutes. For adults who are used to hike it is just lovely walk, but for me as a kid, it was great day in mountains.

Besides that 2 or 3 years later my father planned totally different experience. Again we were spending our summer vacation at Smrekovica. This time, we were going much further. Since our first hike we did lots of different hikes. From the beginning we did lots of small hikes to test our selves. At the day “D” we start at Smrekovica and hiked to Stare Hory. It is about 10 hours hike in total distance of 29,2 km / 18,1 miles. My mum have to come to Stare Hory to pick us up.

During my last Rakytov visit, I promised to my self to come back and do the whole mountain range from North to East. For regular hiker it is lovely two day trip. Will see if we will be able to do it in winter conditions.

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