Col dei Bos

Under majestic Tofana di Rozes is small climbing paradise. Torri di Falzarego and Col dei Bos offers nice climbing path of different difficulties. Climb those peaks could only real climbers. In summer 2007 there was build via ferrata in south wall of Della Piramide in total length about 250 meters / 820 ft. Next year they build remaining part of Della Piramide under the summit Col Dei Bos. Via ferrata probably follows old climbing path. My guess is based on really used and polished rocks. During first world war there was front line. Also today you can find here lot of barracks. Under Torri di Falzarego and Col dei Bos is old military path named Col dei Bos. Col dei Bos (2 559 m / 8 396 ft)summit is also reachable via regular hiking path. All summits with “Col” in their name offer 360° view. People who prefers via ferrata will definitely have great experience. First time I have climbed Col dei Bos in 2011 and this year it was my second ascent. This path was for us always as backup plan, because it is short. This give you the opportunity to climb it when you are short in time or unstable weather. It has really great atmosphere in late afternoon, when there is no body. At this time you will meet only sheep and marmots.

How to reach via ferrata: By car from Cortina d´Ampezzo, or Passo Falzar taking road #48 towards big parking place with restaurant Albin Strobel (2 055 m / 6 742 ft). From restaurant is non marked path, but clearly visible, which connects to old military path #423 after 10 – 15 minutes of walking. After another 5 minutes of walking you will take turn towards mountain, and this non marked path will bring you to the beginning of via ferrata. Marks are in bad condition so it can easily happened that you will miss the starting point. First time when I was here I have missed it despite the fact via ferrata was just few meters away. I found it because of the voices I have heard. Second time it was much easier

If you are interested in history of world wars, you will probably enjoy hiking thru old military path which goes under the summit. You will find a lot of interesting places. On the picture between Torri di Falzarego and Col dei Bos is valley where ascend/descent path goes to Travenanzes valley.

To reach via ferrata beginning follow path from old barracks.

Via ferrata Della Piramide is modern via ferrata. It is well secured with iron rope including rubber rings to make it safer in case of fall.
Difficulty of the path is between 3 and 4 which means difficult via ferrata. Non experienced climbers will have probably difficulty in first 25 meters / 80 ft.

It is made from 60% by iron rope, 2% crampons, 10% extremely steep and non secured path and 30% hiking path.
To reach via ferrata: 0,30 hod.
Ascent: 1,30 hod.
Descent: 1,30 hod.
Total Time: 3,30 hod.
Best time to climb from Jun to October.

Ascent to Della Piramide Col dei Bos, first part of via ferrata is more difficult and on top of the Piramide are extremely exposed and non secured hiking paths.

Second part of via ferrata is easier.

We are still not on the top, this is just end of via ferrata and we need to hike another 15 minutes to reach the summit.

Hiking path going to Col dei Bos and to Travenanzes valley.

In rocks you can see militar position from the war.

Close to the summit. Back in left Tofana di Rozes.

Col dei Bos, 2559 m.

Col dei Bos, 2559 m / 8 396 ft.

Lets have 360° view. In valley is Cortina d´Ampezzo, in background is Sorapis and Anteláo, right Croda del Lago.

Left is Anteláo, Croda del Lago, Formin, Pelmo, totally right Averau. In the middle Cinque Torri.

In front Torri di Falzarego, in back Marmolada.

Left Piccolo Lagazuoi, right Grande Lagazuoi.

Cime Fanis and Travenanzes valley.

Travenanzes valley, right Tofana di Rozes.

Tofana di Rozes

Tofana di Rozes.

We are leaving Col dei Bos and we have steep descent in front of us.

Valley between Torri di Falzarego and Col dei Bos offers beautiful view on Della Piramide ridge and ascent path.

Second part of via ferrata.

Col dei Bos summit

Col dei Bos summit.

Great atmosphere of silence and peace is offered by this place in late afternoon. Sun gives most of the rocks gold color. We had not that great weather and were going back late. However there was still few people climbing. On the right Averau.

Under Col dei Bos heading back to parking place. In those buildings was beside barracks also hospital.

We had a great day today. All the morning we have spent in Marmolada location in great Serrai Sottoguda cannyon. As afternoon plan we choose to climb Col dei Bos, because it is short and nice via ferrata.
Despite the fact it did not belong to TOP via ferratas in Dolomites, it has a lot of to offer. On the picture you can see rock container from world war.

Cime Fanis, (picture from Col dei Bos, east wall.) Next time wi will go directly to Cima Fanis sud, via Cesco Tomaselli via ferrata. Ascent is from west side. Leaning tower, vertical walls and 360° views.

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