Dolomites – Ferrata degli Alpini

I have been dreaming about Dolomites few years. So far, all the plans went south for various reasons. It was so many different reasons that I cannot name them. Again, we have planned long weekend in Dolomites, crew is set, and only one day will be rainy.

Friday afternoon we sit again to the car a heading towards Italy. Saturday should be rainy, so there is no need to rush to Dolomites. We are going a bit around in order to see as much from Dolomites as possible. In the afternoon, we want to see capital of Dolomites – Cortina d’Ampezzo.

It is shortly after lunch when we have reach Olympia camping, where we will spend next 3 nights. It is time to build up tents a see beauty of the city and plan our hikes for next three days. We had couple of rain showers. In the city, it is not an issue, on via ferrata it would be much more complicated.

Sunday morning is weather much better, so we are going by car to Passo Falzarego. We are parking few hundred meters below saddle itself. From this parking place goes hiking path to via ferrata degli Alpini to Col dei Bos (2 559 m / 8 396 ft). From there we will descent to place called Forc. Travenanzes. Then we will ascent to hut Riffugion Lagazuoi. Around the hut is a lot of memories related to World war first.

Easy and short hiking path goes to via ferrata. Next to ruins of old building it is time to put on all equipment, because secured path starts few meters above us. We have my sister and her friend with us, who did climb only few via ferratas before. We will be slow, but with couple of people in front of us it won’t be an issue.

First few steps of degli Alpini via ferrata is hard and everyone has a hard time. Local guide told us, that via ferrata id difficulty A/B. From my point of view, it is B/C and the begining might be even C/D. For this reason one mountain guide took his clients around first part following hiking path a join bit later. They get to via ferrata just in front of us. We will be even slower.

At least we have time to take a lot of pictures and enjoy all the views. Mainly to queen of Dolomites – Marmolada. It was behind us on the way up to via ferrata, but because of the woods, it was not the best view. From via ferrata it is really majestic and you can be sure it is Marmolada because of the glacier.

After a hard beginning, it is horizontal part and short vertical ascent. Then it is very easy A part. Some of the parts are even without a securing rope. Those couple of lines basically describe whole via ferrata. Short vertical parts follow easy hiking paths where you can walk easily. This is the reason why mountain guide took his unexperienced clients to degli Alpini via ferrata.

Only thing which makes via ferrata difficult is its length. With slow climbers in front of us we spent almost 3 hours climbing, which make ascent more amazing. To Col dei Bos summit it is necessary to walk couple of minutes. But it is totally worth it. You will be staying directly under Tofana. Views are just stunning.

To have full day, we decided to hike to Lagazuio hut (2 752 m / 9 029 ft.), where my sister and her friend will have altitude record. Hiking path to hut is easy and nice. It is impossible to get lost. Hut is visible from distance, and crane was built on the top during our visit.

Ascent to hut from saddle was not long, it could take about hour or hour and half. During ascent, we could admire beauty of Dolomites, which are all around us. We have also pass couple of shelters from first World war. Next to the hut is gallery, where you can visit one of the tunnels. Do not miss it, while you will be here.

Hut is really full of people. Luckily, we found the table, where we can sit and have a lunch. Besides regular hikers like we, there is lots of people who get up here by cable car. It is definitely easier way how to see all the beauty and history of this place.

After great lunch, it is time to descent. We take same path to the saddle, from where nice hiking path goes down. It is hard to get lost. All the way down I see parking place with my car. We clearly know which direction we have to go.

Whole hike took us about 8 hours, which is great. All of us enjoyed nice via ferrata degli Alipini to Col dei Bos. It is very easy hike to the summit and I can recommend it to beginners. At the beginning of the road it will be bit hard for them, but at the end it will be worth of it. On the way up is lots of places, where you can take a rest and get some energy or drink some water. I can strongly recommend Ferrata degli Alpini.

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