Dolomites – ferrata Giuseppe di Olivieri

On Sunday, we have enjoyed a lot via ferrata degli Alpini. So we have decided to do other via ferrata on Monday. This time we are going to Giuseppe di Olivieri via ferrata and might continue with Gianni Aglio via ferrata to Tofana di Mezzo summit. Basic plan is to climb first via ferrata to Punta Anna summit and we will see if we wanted to climb or descent back to parking place.

We have agreed, that from time perspective and saving energy we will use cable car to reach bottom of Giuseppe di Olivieri by cable car, which took us up to 2 300 m. From top station near Rifugio Pomedes it takes about 20 minutes up the hill until we reach beginning of via ferrata. In the morning it was only us who was walking up the hill, but later some other hikers joined us. Comparing to yesterday it was much smoother and faster ascent.

Via ferrata Ciuseppe di Olivieri is easy, and only few parts are difficulty C, maybe C/D. After my climb of this route I think that those difficult part is there bit more. Anyway, whole time we had stunning views to all different sites including Marmolada – highest point of Dolomites. Cortina d’Ampezzo was just below us. I have enjoyed this climb a lot. Not just because of the views, but also climb was much faster than yesterday.

At the end we have agreed, we are not going to climb all the way to top of Tofana di Mezzo. Hopefully we will climb it during our next visit in dolomites. Around lunch time we start to descent. Short via ferrata took us to scree. We want to go horizontally thru it following some path but it was dead end. Only way to go was way back and descent, hoping to find regular hiking path. Luckily, we have found one. Far below us with lots of hikers. Every moment I have expected someone will fall down. This kind of terrain needs a lot of practice.

Finally, we have reached hiking path. It is time to have check what kind of food we have in our backpack and make them lighter. Today we will only descent to parking place. At the beginning was descent very easy, but later we have reached another via ferrata. It was really easy one, mainly going only horizontally. Despite that some of my friends used via ferrata set.

Around 4 pm we have reached Rifugio Pomedes, where we have started in the morning. Cable car took us back to the parking space. Way up costs 11,50 € and way down only 8,50 €. During the way, down it was cold and windy. Each of us wanted to get hot tea or cup of coffee. Unfortunately, in all places we have been told they do not serve drinks without a food. I was bit surprised. At least we kept great feeling about today’s hike and great day. It cannot be everything perfect 🙂

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