Dolomity d´Ampezzane – Col Rosa

In 2014 there was not a lot of sunny days, but we decided to go to another 3000 meters mountain. After reaching Cortina d´Ampezzo weather didn’t look ok. We didn’t want to go home without any hike, so we changed our plans a went up to Col Rosa. Each summit with “Col” in its name means 360° view. Views are always stunning on Dolomites mountains. During great weather they are really superb. For me it was already second ascent to Col Rosa. In 2011 I have reached summit with different group of people. Pictures are from second ascent, cause during first ascent it was foggy and we get wet during the descent. Anyway it was great experience.
Col Rosa view and Fanes river from Pomagagnon.

Col Rosa, 2166 m in background, 3146 m. Picture from Cima Fánis – sud.

Arriving from Cortina d´Ampezzo following road #51 (direction to Dobbiaco) after few kilometers turn left towards car camping Olimpia, where is parking place. Follow hiking path # 408 to reach via ferrata start.

Col Rosa, 2166 m. via ferrata Ettore Bovero. Difficulty č. 3 medium difficulty, however suits better for experienced via ferrata climbers. Vertical walls and two difficult parts. Reach via ferrata takes a bit longer, than you might expect, but it goes thru nice forest road and you can enjoy beautiful views. From parking place to via ferrata beginning its 1:30 – 2:00 hours. Via ferrata itself takes 1:00 – 1:15. Descent 1:30 – 2:00. Total time is approximately 5 hours. Via ferrata is from 63 % secured by rope, 5 % are secured by crampons which are located close to summit. 2% is easy climbing and remaining 30% are non secured hiking path. Ascent from south, descent from east of Col Rosa. Best time for climb is since half of june till end of september. In good climate condition possible to ascent in winter as well.

During our ascent there was “total freedom” in Col Rosa. Nobody nowhere, we had to take picture by our self

Physoplexis Comosa L – Raponzolo Chiomoso in Italian language, Schopfteufelaskralle in german. Really special endemit which grows only in Dolomites. You will not find it in Dolomites meadows. If you want to take picture of it, you need to reach altitude 1 800 – 2 200 meters. So far I have found it only in Col Rosa via ferrata and Sandro Pertini – Stevia which does not exist anymore. Next picture show Rapozolo Chiomoso before bloom.

Now in it its full beauty.

Magic deepness.

Close to the summit.

All of us on the summit and putting signature to the summit book. Anyway we got wet a bit. Lets see what is arround. Views are bit cloudy, but dramatic and impressive.

Great Tofane. Picture is on north side.

Under the Torre di Aglio tower are ski slopes. To Tofana di Mezzo summit goes cable car called “Freccia nel Cielo”.

Village Cortina d´Ampezzo with luxury hotels, amazing villas and shops.

Torre di Aglio, next time we will have a closer look to this summit. We will go up by via ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri to Punta Anna, which you can not see now. It is situated from south of the mountain. Picture shows north parth of summit.

I could not find any information if Col Rosa was part of war line in Grande Guerra – first world war. However bunkers made in rock definitely means, something has happened here for sure.

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