Dolomity d´Ampezzane – Pomagagnon

Summer hiking season is over. September 24th 2013 was a really beautiful day, weather forecast says “great” so we decided to go to Cortina d´Ampezzo climb via ferrata Gianni Aglio – Tofana di Mezzo and Tofana di Dentro. However we had no idea, that hiking season is totally over and everything was completely closed including cable cars. As a backup plan we decided to climb Pomagagnon via ferrata Michielli Albino Strobel – ascent to Punta Fiames, 2240 m / 7 349 ft. We went slowly, no rush. Shortly after lunch we already have been back from hike. Next plan was visiting waterfalls of river Fanes. We were nicely surprised by via ferrata Giovanni Barbara, we had no idea about. Our ferrata set were left in a car, luckily it is easy route. Of course you need to be carefull, especially when terrain is wet.
Pomagagnon belongs to mountain group Dolomity d´Ampezzane. As a rock wall you can see it north from village Cortina d´Ampezzo under Monte Cristallo. Picture is taken from Civetta.

Picture is taken from Cristallo di Mezzo.

Via ferrata is dedicated to memory of Michiellimu Strobelovi – Italian climber. It is not secured all the way, but only partially. About 30% is secured by the ropes, ladders, and other equipment. Remaining 70% are regular hiking paths. Difficulty is #2 – easy via ferrata. To reach starting point takes about 1 – 1,30 hour. Climbing it self takes about 2 hours. Descent is 1,30 – 2 hours. Via ferrata is west oriented. Best time for climbing is since mid Jun, till end of september. However if climbing conditions are OK, you can do it in other time as well.

From Cortina d´Ampezzo go to Dobbiaco followin route 51. After few kilometers you will reach hotel Fiames with parking place. From parking place you need to follow marked hiking path, which will bring you to via ferrata beginning.

During the ascent you will use rope and regular hiking path.

Iron steps.


Almost on top of Punta Fiames summit.

Summit picture and log in summit book is a must, if you reach the top 🙂

From time to time on few summits you can find box full of helpful stuff (also junk). Everyone can take/add anything.

You can clearly see how the rocks are build in south walls of Pomagagnon.

Lets have a look around from top. Village Cortina d´Ampezzo. In a background mountains of D´Ampezzans Dolomites.

Those two magnificent peeks with altitude over 3 000 m / 10 000 ft were today destinations.  Tofana di Mezzo, 3244 m / 10 643 ft. a Tofana di Dentro, 3236 m / 10 616 ft. They are actually three, but Tofana di Rozes 3225 m / 10 580 ft is not visible from this side. All three of them are gorgeous.

In front  Rosá, 2166 m / 7 106 ft. In background Parco Naturale Fanes – Senes – Braies.

We are leaving Punta Fiames. We have Croda di Rossa, 3146 m / 10 321  great view and another part of Parco Naturale Dolomity d´Ampezzane.

We are reaching Pomagagnon saddle.

Croda di Rossa last view.

In front of us is steep descent from Pomagagnon saddle. It is more than easy to lost hiking path. Suddenly there is a huge gap in front of you. There is no way to keep going forward. You need to go back and search for hiking path. This was so far one of the hardest descents. In background you can see Monte Sorapis and Monte Faloria.

Leaning dashes of Pomagagnon.

My advice: If you decide to climb this via ferrata, I really recommend to the Pomagagnon crest. It is nice hiking path thru really exciting terraces, sometimes secured with iron ropes. Your destination should be Punta Erbing, 2301 m / 7 549 ft. You will remember Via ferrata Punta Fiames and Punta Erbing forever. We were not ready to do this. After big ice cream we went to see Fanes waterfall.

From parking at Fiames hotel, we drove towards Dobbiaco about 7 km following road 51. Parking place Fanes is close to the bus stop. This is entering point to national park Dolomity d´Ampezzo. We didn’t know what to expect. And we didn’t expect via ferrata. All the equipment was left in a car. There are two circles you can take. Small one which takes about 2,30 hours and big one is taking about 4 hours. As we were not ready we decided to go only for small circle with lower waterfall. As before, also in this case I recommend to do whole day hike a do big circle and after that from Fanes valley go to Limo saddle and to the mountain hut Fanes. During the hike you will see lots of mountains lakes. It is worth of visit.

River Fanes and Travenanzes made deep canyon in Dolomites. At the bottom of canyon you can see Fanes river.

Via ferrata – difficulty #1 – very easy. No matter difficulty you need to be 100% about your steps and can not be scared of heights. Via ferrata set is recommended. Especially wet rock are very slippery. Whole via ferrata is fully secured.

Adventure begins 🙂 We went up to the waterfall and now via are going to descent using via ferrata. In a picture is upper waterfall.

It is great experience go behind the waterfalls. You can see the sound a of course get wet a bit. As you can see via ferrata goes behind the waterfall.

Game of light and colors.

View back to upper waterfall.

Slowly descending to the canyon bottom.

Lower waterfall.

Fanes river.

“We hit the bottom”. Now we need to go up again to great viewpoint – Belvedere.

Unforgettable view on upper and lower waterfall. Picture is taken from Belvedere view-point.

You can clearly see path leading to upper waterfall.

Another “brave” people at upper waterfall 🙂 Picture is taken from Belvedere view-point.

Col Rosá, 2166 m / 7 106 ft and Fánes river in valley. Next time we will go to this little “hill”, which offers 360 degrees view. Picture is taken from Pomagagnon crest. I can tell from my experience, that nicest via ferrata routes are the easiest one and in river canyons. Unforgettable nature scenarios, huge sound of river makes me feel calm and happy. I hope we will be able to manage trip to this part of Dolomites.

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