Drachenwand via ferrata

Late Sunday morning we are in parking place close to Drachenwand via ferrata (parking fee 2€). I am surprised how many cars are here. Drachenwand via ferrata will be overcrowded for sure. Anyway we came to climb so we need to put on climbing gear and move towards our todays route. Still lots of cars coming to parking place. It will be no fun today.

Reach beginning of via ferrata take us about 40 minutes. From the distance we could hear noise from carabiners. Under via ferrata are more people than in city center. Everyone wants to climb. I hate overcrowded places; maybe it will be better to climb something else. But I don’t know any of via ferratas close to this one, besides that I am with Miska. She is not experienced enough, so I have to be careful. Outcome is that we will climb this route and try to enjoy it as much as we can.

Drachenwand via ferrata starts with ladder. Later it is easy up climbing. On top of the climb we have to cross the stream. I mean imaginary stream, because currently there is no water. It must look great in spring. Next part is easy and finally we are getting above the trees. So far view is nothing special. I am more surprised where all the people are. Few of them are in front of us, but nobody is behind. Short look at the beginning of the Drachenwand via ferrata give me an answer. Person, who climbs after me, got stuck in easy part after ladder and slowing down everyone. I am watching the crowd for a while. They can not to anything. While I spend time watching people behind, guys in front of us got far. Suddenly I have the feeling, that whole route is mine. GREAT! Also Miska is far in front of me and I need to speed up to catch her.

Route is combination of climbing and walking. Climbing parts are easy. Only one part is difficulty C. As I mentioned in other article Miska is real talent and she is doing great. Soon we start catching other people. At the crossroad we are choosing which way to continue. Right goes easier part for climbing, but offers extraordinary bridge with a great view. On top of that is really cool bench, where you can sit down and enjoy the view. Everyone is going this way. Miska doesn’t want to get stuck after the crowd. She decided to to the harder way which goes left.

First we need to descent few meters. Than we start climbing vertically with great view on the bridge I have talked about. I am doing my best to convince Miska to climb few meters in wrong direction to sit on the bench. She doesn’t like that idea at all. After few meters both routes are again connected to one. I have to say that left route, the one we have chosen, is difficulty C/D. When you will be there make sure to choose right way.

Remaining part of Drachenwand via ferrata is peace of a cake. Couple of B/C parts, but mostly it is only B or even easier. Soon we are on the top of Drachenwand via ferrata (1060 m / 3000 ft). As expected really crowded place.

After short break we start to descent. First couples of minutes are easy, later it is not fun at all. Path is going thru woods, where it descent really dramatically. Everyone needs to be really careful. From time to time, you can hear falling stone hitting trees. Some parts of descent path are secured like via ferrata. In 1,5 – 2 hours you should be back at parking place.

Drachenwand via ferrata is pretty nice and has two special thinks to offer: lovely bridge a great bench. Those two things make this via ferrata very special. Maybe that is the reason why people love it.

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