From Vrsic pass to bivouac IV via Razor

I have no clue how many times we have been in Slovenia this year. This weekend however will be different. My sister is going with us, doing some trips to Triglav national park. This give us huge advantage of going from place A to place B, where she will pick us up. So, we do not need to do circle hike. After a long time with maps, we have come up with following plan: First night we will sleep in Vršič pass, in the morning we will go under the Prisojnik and ascent to Razor summit. Then we will descent to Pogačnikov dom hut. After short break, we will keep going to bivouac IV under Škrlatica. We will spend night in bivouac and on Sunday we try to reach Škrlatica summit a descent to Aljažev dom hut. My sister will come to pick us up here.

Friday evening, we park in Vršič pass in Slovenia. Few weeks ago, we spent the night in Tičarjev dom na Vršiču, tonight we are going to sleep in Poštarski dom na Vršiču. It is bit further from the pass, however you can reach it in few minutes of walking. Hut is much nicer and newer.

Saturday, we are waking up around 7 am, we have to, because our hike will take about 12 hours. 30 minutes later, we are already walking on gravel road. Hiking path below
Prisojnik is easy walk. Not steep ascent or descent. I have a feeling we are pretty fast. In one place, we have to descent a lot, down to the woods. Of course, we do not like it. However, there is no other options for us. This path is not very popular among hikers.

Once we reach the bottom we walk slowly up. Above our heads is great looking Prisojnik and somewhere far in front of us is saddle where we want to go. Path is very nice, going up and down. From time to time we have to cross dry rivers, which are full of water in spring.

Last few meters to saddle under Mali razor are steep. We have to push a bit. Luckily path goes around screes. It start, to be a bit windy and cold. Hidden behind the rock we are having short break to eat something a put some clothes on.

Few meters above our heads starts secured path. On the map, it is mark as medium via ferrata. I know this path is not that difficult, but it is exposed. from time to time we see fixed rope. It should be easily doable.

After break, we need to pass cress and start hiking in the wall. I am surprised how nice hiking path is there. It is not steep and wide. In one part, path is going steeply down. Fixed rope should be here, not on some other places. After this part, we need to turn a lot and go up taking short via ferrata. Hopefully soon we will be on Razor.

From this side of the mountain hiking path is not going up. We have to walk to Planja saddle for about 20 minutes. More and more clouds are coming. It is hard to see anything. Forecast says, at this time clouds should be disappearing, but few drops of rain will probably come.

From Planja saddle we start hiking to Razor. At the beginning is path very nice, but it changes soon. We have to go up via steep cress. Before that we are passing small cave, when it starts raining. Cave is great place where stop for a while during a rain and have a lunch. Water is dropping down from ceiling also in a cave. Rain coat will help us to stay dry.

20 minutes later stops raining. With full stomach, we can keep walking to the top of Razor. Few steps above cave steep part starts. From my point of view worst part of today’s hike. Luckily it is short. Than we walk on rock and short via ferrata take us to the summit. We do not take our heavy back packs to the summit.

Views are different every second. Clouds are very fast. It is just matter of seconds to see something, before it is covered by clouds again. We can see other guys on Planja summit.

Few minutes on the Razor are great, view are changes every second with moving clouds. It is time to descent, because we are only in half of our hike. We have to go back to to Planja saddle. To hut it should be about hour. At least this says Slovenian sign. We did it in hour and half.

We have reached Pogacnikov hut shortly after 4 pm. I believe we have a great time. It is getting dark after 9 pm. With cold drinks, we spend some time on the hut. We have agreed we will leave hut around 5 pm. To bivouac it takes about 2:30. If we will be there around 8 pm we have still lots of time till it is totally dark. More important question is, if there will be space in bivouac for us. In worst case we will sleep outside, we have all the necessary equipment.

First few meters after the hut are pain. I cannot get my own tempo. After couple steps in steep hill I need to catch my breath. Whole hike to the saddle is really painful for me. Horizontal path is very welcome. Last few steps to the saddle in secured by the rope. It is not necessary, but at least it make ascent easier.

Descent from saddle under Kriz is easy, very nice path, which descent very slowly. Both of us enjoy views to all sides and peaks around us. I am bit disappointed by steep descent. It is short but very steep. At least we see the bivouac. Hopefully we will be there soon.

In bivouac is only one bet empty. My girlfriend has a place to sleep. I will spend night on the bench. It is moveable so I can move it bit from the wall and have enough room to sleep. Otherwise I would go sleep outside. It is time to cook the dinner, drink some water with magnesium, in order to have enough energy tomorrow.

During the night, I cannot sleep well. It is too hot and bench it is not that wide as I expected. Next time I will be sleeping outside for sure.

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