Frozen Niagara Falls climbed for first time

Have you heard name Will Gadd or Sarah Hueniken? Me neither, but from now I will remember them for sure. Those two climbers are first who climbed frozen Niagara Falls.

Will Gadd is active for more than 3 decades. He is well-known in Canada for wining Canadian national sport-climbing championship four times. Besides that he won 3 times X games gold medal in ice climbing and has some records in paragliding. You may know him as author of how to ice climb book ” Ice and Mixed Climbing: Modern Technique”,  translated into 5 languages.

Sarah Hueniken is private mountain guide. Sarah loves outdoor challenges since she was 15. As a first North American woman climbed M11 and M12. On top of that she participated on different completion in climbing. Some of them she left as a winner.

Enjoy short video about their frozen Niagara Falls ascent.

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