Galugg via ferrata

From May 7 to May 10, we went for a three-day trip to Tirolean Apls with rich program and versions of plans from A to Z, which we chose according to the weather forecast. Believe it or not, but you can’t get bored around here, there are plenty of options and phenomena like on one side of the hill is raining heavily, you cross the mountain and people on the other side of it are enjoying hot sunny weather. Everything about our three-day trip, our experiences and achieved goals you can find here: Neuschwanstein castle and few via ferratas. The aim of this particular article is to tell you my story about Galugg via ferrata in Austrian Alps and also about giving you new tips how to spent your next trip (What do you thought, that we are gonna eat Mozart Chocolate Balls, German Bratwurts and drink Almdudler for three days?).

Day 2, saturday morning, after a beautiful visit of Schloss Neuschwanstein (note: all of us, have no idea why, we thought, that it is originally called Neuschweinstein – no further translation needed), we wanted this day to be as good as the previous one. We had in our team a „firstclimber” named Saška, so at 8.30 am the „trip comitee” had a meeting, Saška was given the opportunity to choose what via ferrata she finds least scary and she picked up Galugg. Mišo, also known in our fellowship as „Travel agency Filipko” (cuz’ he is the instigator and executor of all these incredible trips), downloaded GPS coordinates of town Landeck, checked weather conditions, gave the order to gear up and we hit the road. From Arzl im Pitztal to Landeck it was only 22 km / 13 mi. After five minutes on road it started to rain. We had doubts if it is safe for us to climb this rock on these weather conditions. As I mentioned above, we had few tunnels on the way, after those, dry road, we saw the sun, simply a different world.

Parking place is right under the rock where via ferrata Galugg is situated. It was only five minute walk to the start. But first, let me tell you something about the Galugg Klettersteig from the „technical” point of view. Difficulty C, the path is very well secured, you will ascent eta 150 height meters. This via ferrata consist of three parts. After the first part the route divides into two separate routes leading to the top of the hill. Both of them have their average difficulty B/C – C. You will reach the top within 30 minutes. The top of the hill is called the same as the via ferrata route – Galugg (950 m above sea level / 3 117 ft.). Estimate time of descent is eta 20 min. Enough with the numbers, lets go re-experience this event throughout this article.

We hit the road from Arzl im Pitztal to Landeck at 9.00 am. We reached our destination after 20 minutes. When you enter the City of Landeck, the rock will steel your breath right away. Right under the rock, where it all shall start, we gave a quick tour about using the equipment to our beginner including the triad of rules – no pissing, vomiting nor falling during ascent. There are eight of us, everyone of us was quite skilled in via ferrata climbing (except the beginner, plus we had a rock climber with 25-year long praxis). The decision was made, I’m gonna climb first, Saška second, Mišo third, in case so our rookie member will have all the help she needs. First ten minutes were easy, but we noticed that Saška isn’t enjoying climbing the Galugg. After few more minutes she told us, that she will not go further with us. Mišo took her down and they waited for us in the car (FYI they both love goecaching, so you can imagine what they were doing).

Six of us continued. The rock was dry (to our surprise), cuz’ the last night it was raining heavily, so the grounds and grass were wet as hell. And the result? Our hiking boots transformed into ice-skates. Many of us didn’t speak a word during our ascent, we needed to focus, because the difficulty (because of the conditions) suddenly changed from C to C/D, or even D. We climbed it, but mostly using our hands, there was no room for using any climbing techniques. With perfect weather conditions this via ferrata would be as easy as apple pie, but in this case, yes, we had more “fun“. Especially, when it started raining a little bit about 50 meters under the top. At least I’m richer by one particular experience, when I fell in the middle of the rock. There was a route which needed to be crossed horizontally (let me remind you – in “ice-skates“), I side slipped, to be more precise I was sliding down the rope holding with only one hand. I was lucky, there were iron footsteps which helped me to get back on my feet. I was thinking about nothing in that moment. Absolutely nothing. But pssssst cuz’ Im gonna stick to the plan, that my fall was nothing but simulation to teach others how to behave in situations like this. After finishing the first part of the via ferrata, there was a spot where we could rest and choose which of the two routes we will take to the top. We liked the left side more (plus it looked much shorter then the other one and we were already tired as well, so we wanted to be on the top ASAP). According to the pictures by the entry to the via ferrata it looked that this second part will be a little bit harder then the previous one. On the contrary, we really enjoyed this part and after no more then fifteen minutes we reached the top.

During the ascent from Galugg, there are a lot of places where you can rest and the amazing view can be enjoyed (you’ll see a wonderful valley and the City of Landeck in it). This via ferrata can be included to those “airy“ ones, but with the view is simply worth it. When all of us reached the top, we enjoyed few sips of beer with lemon (so called “Radler“) and by the time we drank the can, we talked about are impressions, feelings and experiences.

I’m very grateful for spending this nice day together with my friends, we climbed a new via ferrata route, we have new experiences, we saw wonderful views, simply priceless. If you will be passsing by, you absolutely need to do this one and if you’ve been there already, write your experiences down in comments or via messages of this lovely via ferrata route spreading above the small bud beautiful City of Landeck.

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