Geopuzzle – Wooden churches of Slovakia

Summer is coming for sure. It is time for vacation, trips and geocaching. Each of us, experienced geocachers already went for trip strictly related to geocaching. For me and for my friend one of those trips was geopuzzle – Wooden churches of Slovakia.

All of us are living in Bratislava which is total west of Slovakia. Planing of the trip was not easy, because most of the wooden churches of Slovakia is on total east. Which means a lot of driving. Before that we need to focus on good planing.

We decided to go for the trip in beginning of May, using bank holiday to save same vacation days. Planing whole the trip wasnt easy. Decision was made. In first day we will go directly to the east and from east we start visiting wooden churches of Slovakia. Here is our plan:

Day 1BratislavaNova Sedlica
Day 2Nova SedlicaHabura
Day 3HaburaBardejovske Kupele
Day 4Bardejovske KupeleTatranska Strba
Day 5Tatranska StrbaBratislava

It is Tuesday May 7th 2013. With my friends I am starting the trip from west Slovakia to the east which is about 550 km (about 350 mi). Shortly after work we get in the cars and hit the road. Our destination is Nova Sedlica, which is most eastern village of Slovakia. Nova Sedlica is nice place to visit from various reasons. First point I have already mentioned, than it is best place to start hike to Kremenec, which is most eastern point of Slovakia, village is really peaceful and calm and of course for us it is starting point for geopuzzle wooden churches of Slovakia. We are driving with almost no stops and trying to be in Nova Sedlica as soon as we can. It took us more than 7 hours to get there, but shortly after midnight we are parking our cars.

Next day is a bank holiday and we are starting our day slowly. We sleep as much as we can and after a breakfast we are ready to go. First wooden church is in Ulicke Krive, which is few minutes drive. Next stop is in Ulic, where are miniatures of some wooden churches of Slovakia. Especially from east Slovakia. After few other churches we are near dam Starina. Above the road is nice view on whole dam and surrounding country. We are going slowly from one wooden church to another and trying to understand the architacture and different styles between churches. It is lunch time and few of us are really hungry. In Ubla we found place to eat, which is few hundred meters from Slovakia – Ukraine border. I realize that I am really on the east of Slovakia. After lunch we go trhu Smigovec, Hrabova Roztoka, Ruska Bystra and Inovce. Country side starts changing suddenly. Istead of hills we are on totally flat country close to Zemplinska Sirava – which is biggest lake in Slovakia, usually called Slovak see. In Humenne we stop in store to buy some food for supper. It will be barbecue night in Habura, where we are spending a night. Geopuzzle wooden churches of Slovakia is good so far. All of us can know our country bit better and rest from everyday work.

On Thursday we are going from Habura to Bardejovske Kupele. Before we leave Habura, we have to visit wooden church. In Dukliansky priesmyk (priesmyk = pass) we enjoy a view from outlook tower. This place is really important in our history and Second world war. Near the Dukla memorial we have some snack. For me it brings the memory when I want to come by foot from east to the west via E8, which is international hiking path. After lunch we continue with castles visits in Korejovce, Hunkovce and Krajne Cierno, where we go inside of the wooden church. During wooden churches of Slovakia visits, you have opportunity visit all the churches. Each churches has sign saying who can open church for you, and where you can find that person, of phone number of that person. Of course you will need much more time, if you want to get inside of each church. Next churches are in Ladomirova and Dobroslav. Udolie smrti (valley of death) is our next stop. There was big tank fight between German and Red army in second world war. Few of the tanks remains in the valley as memorial. Today we need to visit only 3 additional churches in Svidnik, Vysna Polianka and Jedlinka. In Bardejov we have found nice place to have dinner and spending the night here. Before going to sleep we are heading to local pub. People are nice, we had a great time and morning will be tought.

I was right, next morning is tought. Will be glad if we can even finish wooden churches of Slovakia geopuzzle. After 2 kilometres drive to Bardejovske Kupele we are taking the rest, visiting church and having walk thru the park. I am not able to drive and my friend has to drive. All churches looks same to me. But I like church in Hervartov, it has an atmosfere and it is really nice. Via Kozany, Brezany and Kezmarok we get to Tatranska Strba, when one of my best friends live. Part of the people staying at his place, rest in the camp.  Most of us is really looking to go to the bed.

Last day of the trip means more driving and less wooden churches of Slovakia comparing to earlier days. First stop of the day is Svaty Kriz, where is biggest wooden church of Slovakia. Thru Lestiny and Tvrdosin, we reached Trstena in northern Slovakia. In Trstena there is no wooden church, but warm welcome from crew member parents we great home-made food. In Istebne really nice clergywoman told us history of the church. We didnt search for the cache in Martin. Cache was disabled, therefore we went directly to Hronsek. Last church from geopuzzle wooden churches of Slovakia. Find last cache was a real challenge. We made it and there we deserve some reward which is two hours in Vyhne wellness and great dinner. Shortly after midnight we are back to Bratislava.

During our trip thru wooden churches of Slovakia we have made 1 800 km (1 120 miles), but totally worth it. We saw lots of beautiful places of Slovakia, and know better eastern part. I have to say, that visiting wooden churches of Slovakia was an amazing trip. Countryside is beautiful, people are nice and wooden churches are fantastic. If anyone can do this trip I can fully recommend. Cost of the trip was not bad at all. (diesel 30 €, accommodation 35 €, food and pocket-money 35 €).


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