Gorge Bärenschützklamm in Mixnitz

Bank holiday in the middle of the week is great reason to go out to the nature. First, we need to find out where we will go for one day. I am looking to the maps for a while and searching the web. It seems good idea is to go to Bärenschützklamm – Bear gorge. We need to drive to Mixnitz village, which is starting point of the hike.

At parking place, I can clearly see that we have bank holiday in Slovakia. At least half of the cars are coming from Slovakia. I put my hiking shoes, pack our stuff and start walking towards Bärenschützklamm. We pass couple of parking places, restaurant and getting into the woods.

Asphalt road change to dirt. Some parts of the road are really steep. On parking places is lots of car, but we are alone on the hiking path. Nobody is in front of us or behind us.

In less than our we are at the entrance to Bear gorge. Entrance fee is 3,00 € per person. We got discounted price, because we are members of Alpenverein. So far, we have walk on dirt road in the woods. I hope it will change in few seconds.

Immediately as we crossed entrance gate, expected change is here. There is lot of wooden bridges, which fits one person. After few minutes, we are coming to wooden hut. Great place to have first break and enjoy the view to the wooden bridges and ladders, which are going up.

So far, I am disappointed from small amount of the water in the stream. I am sure, more water would make it much more interesting and beautiful. During our break couple of my friends shows up.

It is time to move on, towards the beauty of Bärenschützklamm. After few steps, we reach lovely view point towards waterfall. I am sure it is great, but without a water there is nothing. It hasn’t rained for couple of weeks, and there is almost no water.

After view point we reach part with steep ladders. After few of them you surely know if you are in good condition. From time to time we stop to catch the breath or simply enjoy the view.

Gorge is changing pretty fast. For a while we are going in narrow path, in a minute is much wider. Ladders can be horizontal or pretty steep, almost vertical. Suddenly we are to the next hut. I guess this is half way.

Second part of the hike is similar to Slovak paradise. Wooden hiking path goes above stream at the bottom of gorge. Before the bridge is sign saying, this is last bridge of the Bear gorge. Once w pass the bridge series of steep ladders take us out of the gorge.

From here it is about 10 – 15 minutes to Gutten Hirten hut. Great place to take a break, have a lunch. We spend here about one hour thinking where we are going next. At the end, we decide to descent and get home before it gets dark.

To the parking place leads different path. Bärenschützklamm is one-way hiking path. At the beginning it is nice path, then it changes to steep descent in woods. Soon we have reached the road we walked this morning. At the restaurant, we had some soft drink and ice cream.

Bärenschützklamm is really worth of visit. Hike is also suitable for people who do not hike regularly. Just keep in mind, that it is better to go after few rainy days, when there is more water. Maybe visit in the spring. If you want to go in spring, make sure to check if Bear gorge is open, because in winter it is not open for public.

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