Grandlspitz – Konigsjodler smaller sister

Is it raining or not? We are going anyway. Because of bad weather we had to postpone ascent to Gran Paradiso this year. Later we change our plans to ascent to Zugspitze. However there was new snow in Zugspitze. We really wanted to go somewhere hiking, enjoy our vacation so we start looking for some nice challenge. Old saying “Not to have everything you want is a luck” was totally true. Weather made us cancel two ascent, but at the end we went for best hiking event of the year. Via ferratas in Berchtesgaden Alpen. One of them is Grandlspitz.

Plan was following. Monday Grandlspitz, Tuesday Konigsjodler and on Wednesday Postalmklamm. We didnt made the last one. It was raining on Tuesday, therefore we have postponed Konigjodler to Wednesday and during rainy Tuesday we visited Muhlbach am Hochkonig. It was a great decision. About Konigsjodler you can find a couple of articles. For this reason I will focus on amazing Grandlspitz via ferrata. Why amazing? Maybe because of location, difficulty, views and her bigger sister. So lets start.

We have reached Muhlbach am Hochkonig around 2 pm. Road from Bratislava was special in its own way, but that is different story. Anyway it took longer. After quick checking in our apartments, snack of local food including Slovak BIO vegetable we went to climb Grandlspitz 2 307 m / 7 569 ft. To be honest after more than 5 hours drive and with few hours till sunset, we didnt really think we will make it. Still better do some smaller hike, than waiting in apartment.

From Muhlbach we drove towards Dientner Sattel 1 342 m / 4 403 ft. About 200 meters behind saddle is parking space on the right, which is used as starting point not only to Grandlspitz and Konigsjodler, but to Erichhutte, Taghaube summit or Hochkonig (Matrashaus hut). We have all the equipment and water. It is already 3:45 pm but lets try to climb Grandlspitz.

25 minutes later we are at Erichhutte 1 540 m / 5 052 ft.

It was really nice small hike, probably because we are finally walking, partly with the nature and partly by the cows which made us company all the time. If anyone of you will try to climb Konigsjodler, it will our hiking path for sure. 90% of the hiking to starting points is same.

Grandlspitz between us.

From parking space to crossroad Taghaube and Hochkonig, where we choose second option, till crossroad of both via ferratas it took us 1:25. It is really steep and demanding part of hike.

During our ascent we have met couple of people, who assure us it wont take more than hour to reach via ferrata, climb Grandlspitz and descent. First information we had from guy near Erichhutte, in half way one couple, and under via ferrata older couple :). From crossroad till via ferrata it was only 15 minutes. (To be 100% clear: from Konigsjodler/Grandlspitz crossroad including A/B part it is 40 minutes)

Finally we made it to starting point. It is 5:25 pm, weather is great. Blue sky, 25 °C. Altitude 2 130 m / 6 988 ft. Amazing Grossglockner view. We are putting on climbing gear, taking pictures, enthusiasm and adrenalin goes up. This was our todays plan and it is becoming real.

Via ferrata Grandlspitz is 170 m / 558 ft long vertical wall with difficulty C/D. Path is in south wall and it is secured with iron rope, which is comparing to Hohewand thicker and less fix. Rope is not stretched enough, it is free, but there is plenty of steps and catches in wall. Most of the time we are climbing on the wall itself, and rope is used only for security reason. In the wall is plenty of iron, but from time to time we need to use rope as well.

Climbing, taking pictures, climbing and taking pictures.

Nobody is in front of us, we have our own tempo and enjoying climbing. I can not describes views, there no words for that. Weather is great and we are more and more happy. I already know I will dream about Grandlspitz.

30 minutes later we are on the summit.

Grandlspitz summit

Beauty is amazing, I can not believe my eyes. We are finishing protein bars and have to go. It will get dark soon and we have to descent for more than one hour to the car.

During descent our legs let us feel hard ascent till via ferrata starting point. Nobody wants to admit, that we have to go up using almost same path because of Hochkonig 🙂

Grandlspitz on the right and Konigsjodler on the left

For dinner we are having good “wienerschnitzel” and going to bad. Tomorrow adventure continues.

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