Grossglockner high Alpine road

Today I definitely need to relax and find some easy activity. Climbing Konigsjodler via ferrata yesterday was nice, but exhausting. It is time to show my friends spectacular Grossglockner high Alpine road which is not far from us. Weather forecast for today is great. Even the Grossglockner should be without clouds. We have nice breakfast and ready to leave holiday apartment.
Half past ten and we are waiting in queue to pay a toll to enter Grossglockner high Alpine road. As I expected, because of nice weather there will be lots of people. It takes about 10 minutes to pay the toll (34,5 €). Now we are ready to enjoy views to high mountains, deep valleys, a couple of waterfalls and enjoy the day as much as we can. For me, the road offers special bonus. I have been here before and I know it is also a great experience to drive on this curvy road. There are plenty of curves, which are 180 degrees. For everyone who loves driving, this means a lot of fun.
First stop is on a first parking place. For me and two of my friends, this is a special place. In July 2015, we climb up to Grosses Wiesbachhorn, which is greatly visible from the parking. At that time, we didn’t have best weather and couldn’t see Grossglockner high Alpine road from summit. Today is weather much better and we can enjoy all the summits. In the beginning, we are arguing, which of the summits is Grosses Wiesbachhorn. The discussion is over when we find information sign. Suddenly we are able to name all summits in front of us.

Now it is time to give the driver some time to enjoy the road. Without any stops, a car is “climbing” to the Grossglockner high Alpine road highest point. Before we can reach Edelweisspitze, we have to wait in another queue. Near Edelweisshutte hut is a limited number of parking places. We need to wait till some cars get down before we can go up. Edelweisshutte is one of the best places where you can have a lunch on the Grossglockner high Alpine road. It is not cheap, but food quality is good and views are amazing. Finally, we have managed to have my favorite Legerknedelsuppe. It is chicken or beef soup with one huge liver dumpling.
After lunch, we are driving towards the Grossglockner. From time to time, we stop somewhere to enjoy a view or search for a geocache. Last few kilometers of the Grossglockner high Alpine road before parking is for driver pure pleasure. Few fast curves, where you can really speed up gives you a lot of adrenaline. Be careful and do not overestimate your driving skills. From top of the parking place is great view. Grossglockner is right in front of you.
For sure it is one of my dreams. Hopefully I will climb it one day, maybe in next year. Lets cross fingers. Now we are just going for a small walk and have some soft drinks in Kaiser Franz Josefs haus. Unfortunately, the Grossglockner summit is hidden in clouds. Anyway I am enjoying view and nature around a lot. Lots of marmots is running on the meadows under the walking path towards parking. They don’t care about people walking around and are fully focused on food. Eating as much as possible is only way how to survive coming winter. Later we are going down to see “Gletscherbahn”, which is cable car going down to glacier.
It is already late and we have to drive back. Again we are going thru whole Grossglockner high Alpine road. Of course we have couple of stops for geocaches and admire superb views. Obviously lot of people left. I can feel more free, and can enjoy whole trip much more. One day I will come back and spend night somewhere above the road under the sky.
Grossglockner high Alpine road is nice trip in case you love mountains and for whatever reason you cannot hike, climb or something similar. Before the trip check the weather forecast for sure. In bad weather condition road can be closed or you will miss all the beauty offered by road.

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