High Tatras – Jastrabia veža

Slovak mountains are really beautiful, they are heart of our small country. Unfortunately, with my husband we spend here small amount of time. Most of our hikes are in the Alps. This time we have great opportunity to visit High Tatras. During the last weekend of Jun, it was meeting of all hikers in the High Tatras and we have spent two night in Chata pri Zelenom plese.

Our main goal was to hike to some of the peaks, where are not marked path. However, the weather forecast was not good, we decided to make our final decision on next morning. Friday 7 PM we have reached Chata pri Zelenom plese and next day we will wake up early.

During our breakfast it starts rain a bit. It makes no sense to go out in this kind of weather so we have to wait. Luckily, we are in the middle of the mountains, so we can leave for hike a bit later. It is 8:30 am, when we start walking up via hiking path. We followed the path to Jahnaci stit around Cervene and Biele pleso until we have reached the point when we need to decide.

Currently we have two options. If weather will be better, we will go to Jastria veza (not marked path). In bad weather we will go to Jahnaci stit (marked path). Luckily weather got better and we are going to Jastrabia veza. With us we have couple of guides, who take care of us.

I have to say that we had two guides with us and rest of us know the basic in this kind of the terrain. It is really important to have someone with you, who is really experienced and know the way up. So if you want to go more demanding hikes, you should be able easily climb less difficult walls and should know what is prusik, abseil and practice it regularly.

Rocks are bit wet, so guides from the rope created via ferrata, and with prusik knot we have secured ourselves. Just below us another group start their way up. The climb is not hard, in wet rock I would say it is II UIAA. Few meters above us is group of three climbers. One of them caught my attention. It is man in age who has crutches in his bag pack. Hopefully in his age I will that fit.

Few more minutes and we are on the top of the mountain. We are welcomed by Madonna statue, but weather is not really good. Clouds are coming again. On top of that the other group want to get to the top, but there is no room. Few steps below we have find place to sit and have a lunch. There is almost no views, clouds totally covered everything.

Other group starts descent, so we enjoy the silence and our lunch. Besides that, this gives them room and we do not need to wait. However, we have catch them a bit later, so we had to wait in order to not let rocks fall on them. It was a bit long waiting. I guess they had some troubles down there. Anyway, most important is that everyone get down safely. At least from the most demanding part.

Descending thru hiking path under the rock is piece of cake. We did it very quickly. From Belase pleso we did not rush at all. During the descent we have talked a lot and learned lot of new things from our guide. Around 2:45 we are back to hut. What we are going to do next? Few minutes of walk from the hut is small rock, where you can practice climbing and abseiling.

On Sunday morning is bad weather again. We are not going up today. On other hand we do not want descent directly to parking place, so couple of us are going to Plesnivec hut and to Tatranska Kotlina. Two guys are going down directly, to parking place to pick up the cars and then pick up us. After the hike it is time to go back home.

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