HZS via ferrata under Martinské hole

It is August 2nd, 2014, we just woke up in camp near village called Blatnica. We are packing our gear, having breakfast, getting our shit together after few shots with local and foreign tourists from the previous night and we are heading to the starting point. Around 8 we reached the path that was supposed to lead us to the starting point of HZS via ferrata route.

The via ferrata is called “Ferrata Horskej záchrannej služby” (via ferrata of the Mountain Rescue Service). It took us about 2 -2,5 hours to get to the beginning of the iron path (as I recall). The path consist of two parts. First part (common to all) has the diff. B – according to the sign of the Mountain Rescue Service (in my opinion A/B top). Some ladders and chains. The last chance to get your gear on is before entering the iron path that goes along the rock, on the left side, above the Brewery river. Despite the warnings, it reminds me of Slovak Paradise (National Park), cuz’ of the iron rope, clamps on each step, no climbing. So the first abovementioned part can be handled without the climbing gear. This „first“ part of this iron path goes along the rock, above the river, the time (eta 1 meter / 3.3 ft. above the river). It is a very beautiful walk and there is a lot to see. It took us eta 20 minutes to get through this firts part. Then there is a crossroad, where you can chose which part of the iron path you wanna go.

The left one has the diff. B. We chose the right path, the difficult one, but still I can describe what we saw about the left one. The rope and clamps are going along the rock above the river, the path is crossing the rock horizontally, little steeply. At the end of the left path it was a bit more steeper, along the waterfall. This path could not take more than 15 minutes.

Right part of the HZS via ferrata is difficulty C. My guess is that only beginning is that difficult and part near the waterfall. Rest of the path is difficulty B max. I will be more concrete. As I have mentioned we have decided to go to right. After five minutes we reached waterfall, where we need to climb next to it. At the end we change direction totally up to the top of waterfall using iron support. It was really beautiful. We get a bit wet from waterfall, and in some parts path was wet as well, so we needed to be really carefull. It was not an easy walk, however nothing extremely hard so we did not need to go back. I have to say, this place will be amazing in winter time. Hopefully I will manage to come back with friends in winter. After reaching top of the waterfall, it was mainly “walk” next to the stream. Some of the rocks were wet, therefore we keep our via ferrata gear, to be safe. Second part took about 30 minutes. HZS via ferrata is short, but really beautiful and really suitable for beginners.

From end of HZS via ferrata it is 30 minutes to Martinske Hole, but not to the top (of course), but only to huts, where is top station of cable car. We sit down for a while, have some snack and had lots of Kofola drinks, because it was really hot outside. On the way back we took path which follows cable car. It is not interesting path, but friend of mine, keep singing all the way down, which was fun.

HZS via ferrata is from my point of view superb, it is fun and can offer amazing views on stream. For those of view, who are looking for more challenges, I recommend to go up to Martinske hole. This time I mean real top, not just end of the cable cars).

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