Iceland ring road – 1 plans and travel

Every traveler and mountain lover wants to visit Iceland. I, as mountain lover, wanted to visit north part of Europe – Scandinavia or Iceland. However I could not convince any of my friends because of the costs. However thinks stars moving after Hungarian low cost carrier Wizzair started offer direct flights from Budapest to Keflavik, Iceland.

I don`t remember where I have found, that from Ferenc Liszt airport I can fly to Iceland for few bucks. There was a plenty of different flights, I selected few dates with lowest prices and asked my friends if they are willing to join. However for various reasons they couldn`t join.

Thanks God for Facebook and different groups, where I could contact lot of people. From the beginning more than 10 people wanted to go. Luckily number has reduced to only four – perfect. It is far easier from organization point of view, we fit in one car, and it will be much easier to meet everyone expectation from this trip.

During planing my trip I did one big mistake. I have completely forgot about my friends wedding. As a good friend I wanted to be there, so I had to move departure a bit.Luckily it was no issue for people who wanted to go to Iceland with me. All of us have bought plane tickets and were looking forward to beauty of Iceland ring road. My travel was bit complicated cause from wedding I went home for couple of hours and then directly to airport. I had to drive a lot.

It is Friday May 5th a for me it means start of almost two weeks vacation. I am doing all the packing in my had. From one of my friends I borrow sleeping bag, mine will not be enough. Saturday morning I am travelling 4 hours to get to the wedding place. Shortly before midnight I have to leave. On my way home I pick up Veronika, Jan a Zuzana who are travelling with me to Iceland. Finally I see this people for the first time. All of us spend night in my place. Early in the morning we are travelling to Budapest airport. We are here bit early, so we have plenty of time to have lunch and wait for direct flight to Iceland.

Nice guy from car rental office is waiting for us at the Keflavik airport. He take us to car rental office. Me as official drive of the car is going thru all the papers. We have paid extra insurance just in case. Guy informs me that insurance do not cover if I drown car or if wind blow off card doors. In other words we need to cross rivers and open doors carefully. Car is bit damaged from tiny stones. Guy assures me that this is normal, because gravel roads are normal on Iceland. I have couple of more questions. Guy starts laughing when I ask about limits on a highway. I understand his smile at the end of the trip. Iceland has only few kilometers of the highways, and they are different than in continental Europe.

It is time to hit the road. Before we go further from civilization we need to do two thinks. Stop by in some tourist information office. Each of us want to see something, but there is deffinitelly much more to see. Than we need to buy gas cartridge for camping stove. Otherwise we will be hungry for 10 days.

In Reyjkjavik, capital city of Iceland, we found information office quite easily. Nice girl was happy to give us all the information and we took with us lots of different brochures. Most of the gas stations sell gas cartridges So it was easy to get one. With all the equipment we are ready to explore Iceland.

Few kilometers from Reyjkajvik we are going thru long tunnel under the ocean. To go thru you have to pay toll (1 000 ISK approximately 8 EUR/8 USD). Immediately after we left airport we notice different nature. It is almost like moon surface lots of rocks with bit of grass. On the other side of the tunnel we had ocean on the left side and high mountains on the right. In city of Borgarnes we are leaving Iceland ring road and heading west following road 54 to the west. It is time to find some place for night.

We got of from asphalt road and trying to find spot without people and houses. In the middle of nowhere we are going to spend the night. Me and Jan are sleeping in the tent. Girls will spend night in the car. Hopefully tomorrow we will start exploring beauty of the Iceland.

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