Iceland ring road – 3. north Iceland

I didn’t sleep well last night. Our tent is on the hill, so I often slipped of sleeping pad. At least we have been covered from the wind by trees. After the breakfast we are going to pick up the girls in close hotel. All of us are ready to check the beauty of north Iceland.

According to the plan we will spend lot of time in a card. We will follow road 76 to the north. Hopefully we will be able to see seals and puffins. Besides that, during organizing this trip I promised to the girls they can watch whales. North Iceland is best place for those kind activities. Signs close to road 76 show places where the seals usually rest. Unfortunately we do not have any luck.

However we got luck in something else. In Dalvik city we find travel agency, which organize whale watching trips on the see. Whale watching is probably most important activity, which can be done in north Iceland. Next trip to see starts in about hour. Girls are going to buy tickets. I can tell, they are really looking for this trip. Me and Jano are not interested in whales so much, so we are having lunch near harbor.

Ladies coming back from the trip. They saw whales. I can see tell they are happy. Due to bad water they had to come back bit earlier. Unfortunately for them, cameras didn’t work as they expected. They miss some shots. North Iceland makes girls dream come true. Also it great for us. Now we do not need to travel to Húsavík, “capital city of whales watching“ on Iceland.

Today we have to travel to Mývatn lake. We do not stop in Akureiry at all. Next stop is planned at Gódafoss waterfall. It is one from many waterfalls offered by north Iceland. It is more wide then height. There are few tourist, so we can enjoy atmosphere of the place.

Great sightseeing place, offered by Northern Iceland, is swimming place Jarðböðin. Swimming are Jarðböðin is similar to Blue lagoon, but it costs half of the price. At least this is what information center says. Hot water and shower is something what we enjoy a lot. Around swimming pools, there is basically nothing. I really like it. There are plenty of black lava stones and from ground smoke is coming out. I thing it is great place how to end day. In the swimming pool I do not like sulfur smell and greasy water. Showers help me to the get rid of that “ugly“ water.

Later that night we are coming back to lake Mývatn, where we find the camp. Till the morning our bathing suits are totally frozen. I am glad I was not cold during the night. Sky is absolutely clear and sun is already up. I am really looking forward what we will see today on the norht Iceland. Thanks to the information sign, I have an idea a bit.

Firstly we are going to south east of Mývatn lake. There are few small volcanos, which offer great view on the lake and surrounding country. We spend here about hour walking around. Colours of north Iceland are really fascinating. Grass is brown, sky is ridicilisly blue, on the horizon are summits covered by snow, and few miles from us is big black volcano.

Next stop is just few miles away, it is called Dimmuborgir. I have no clue how this place was created, but it is really amazing. There are lots of trees growing from black lava stones. Country is covered by snow. Some of the places are already without snow. We even found big rock window. I thing there was big lava river in the past.

2 -3 miles from here is volcano Hverfjall, which is also in our plans. With the car we can drive basically under the volcano. Now we need to go up few meters. Whole path goes thru black lava rock. From the top is great view to the volcano and on Mývatn lake. North Iceland is really what I have expected.

We continue next to our yesterday swimming pool, to the other side of the mountains. This is the place where all my dreams about the Iceland come true. Hverír is place where the ground has brown-yellow color from sulfur. From under my feet hot steam is coming out. Earth activity can be seen anywhere you look. Finally it is the Iceland I was dreaming about. I really like the nature here, despite the fact is totally different to what I am used to.

Last stop in north Iceland is volcano Stóra Víti. Inside of the volcano should be filled by blue water. At least this is what said information sign. Really is different. Middle of the volcano is covered by snow. At least we went for a short walk and could enjoy north Iceland as we could. While we were driving under the volcano I have noticed lovely shower in the middle of the small stream. It has hot water in it, but it is really greasy.

Before we have left village near Mývatn lake, sign have warn us, that next 150 kilometers there is no gas station. It is totally true. Countryside is covered by snow, and there is honestly nothing. I mean literally nothing. On some places was half meter of snow. Luckily no snow on the road.

In the middle of nowhere we are taking turn towards Dettifoss waterfall. Basically it is first interesting place on the east Iceland. There is also plenty of snow, so we have to hike in winter conditions. There are several views and we want to check all of them. I am glad, because we spend a lot of time in the car. Dettifoss waterfall belongs to biggest waterfalls in Europe – in term of water overflow. I would cal lit Niagara falls of Europe.

From Dettifoss it is plenty of kilometers to civilization. We are going to village Eskifjörður, where are lovely red houses on the shore. Girls wanted to see them and we want them to be happy. On the way back I enjoy lots of mountains around the road, which grows directly from the see. I am wondering how many of them has hiking path to their summit.

It is getting late, so we have to start looking for place to spend the night. We are heading back to ring road and good place is at Fjarðabyggð village. Camp is closed, but we don`t care. There is lovely place where we can sit and cook. For the rest of the evening we are discussing if it is clever to camp close to the water. I know that in summer water makes places colder, and believe while i tis freezing make place bit warmer. Am I correct?

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