Iceland ring road – 4. east Iceland

Night spend in camp in Fjarðabyggð village was nice and quite. I woke up during the night, because of the cars going on close road. Today plan is really simple. Enjoy the beauty offered by east Iceland. We should spend most of the day near Vatnajökull glacier, which belongs to the biggest glaciers in Europe.

First kilometers we are driving on the coast. We admire hills going up directly from the see, with a lot of different waterfalls. I am the driver, and from time to time I refuse to stop near unknown waterfall. We have seen them a lot already. Our first planned stop in in placed called Eggin i Gleðivík which is more than 100 kilometers from our camping. This is probably one of the most important places on east Iceland in terms of non natural sightseeing. Local artist create eggs sculptures of local birds. He did his best to use stones almost the same color as original eggs are. Few meters from eggs is interesting museum. Museum is probably not right word to describe this kind of exhibition. There are couple of things related to the wales.

While we are driving to glacier lagoon, herd of reindeers is having lunch close to the road. We have to stop for a while, to enjoy them. Little further down the road are beautiful beaches. Our planed stop is glacier lagoon called Hoffeljokul. The road to parking place is not the best one, but we have four wheel drive. Parking place is situated in the hill above the Hoffeljokul lagoon and offers great view. Of course we are going down to check it more closely. On the way back we stop in hot pot. It is nice to have hot water and shower.

Highlight of the day is lagoon Jökulsárlón and we spend here most of the day. In this place glacier Vatnajökull meets see. Big pieces of ice take opportunity to go to see. I love this place. Seals are having fun in the water and girls are really happy. They wanted to see the seals, and dream come true. Unfortunately, seals are not closer.

Another great spot, you should visit is beach south from the canal. Totally black fine send is nice to touch. During your walk on the beach you will for sure spot smaller or bigger parts of the ice. It makes this beach unforgettable. On top of that you can make a lot of beautiful pictures. Ice on black sand looks gorgeous.

Last stop of today is glacier lagoon Fjallsárlón. It is similar to Hoffeljokul, but there is basically no tourist and sunset makes lagoon even more beautiful. Place is totally quite and I can hear my steps in the rocks. East Iceland offers amazingly beautiful nature. After the sunset it is time to find some place, where we will spend the night. We found nice camping place in Tjaldsvæðið í Svínafelli.

However we didn’t spend the night at best possible place. About 10 kilometers further is place called Skaftafell. There is camp, but it is our first stop on the next morning. From my point of view Skaftafell is capital city of Vatnajökull glacier. You can here lot of different hikes on glacier, ice climbing or ascent to Hvannadalshnjúkur (2 110 m/6 923 ft), which is highest summit of the Iceland. By it height it is not big summit, but to reach summit and come back take 12 – 16 hours. Main reason is, that you start hiking almost at see level. Because lot of crevasses in glacier it is a must to have a local guide. To reach summit you and your wallet has to be in a good shape.

However there is plenty of other options. We have decided to go for a small walk. It is bit to the hill but I like it. After so many hours in car I am glad to walk. we are on top of the hill, which offers stunning views. My attention get caught by Hvannadalshnjúkur on the other side of the valley. I really like east Iceland.

We are taking back to the car different path. This decision is good one. We see few more waterfalls. One of the is “regular” one, not really interesting, however Svartifoss is really nice one. Especially rocks behind it. There had to be some special geological process in the past for sure. Same shape of the rocks we have already seen on the Iceland. And we will see them few more times. Even big church in Reykjavik uses shape of the rocks.

We have spend lot of time walking around in Skafafell. There are plenty of things worth of visit. All of us enjoyed this place a lot. Most of all we enjoy time outside of the car. Our last stop of the day is canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur. Visitors can clearly see the power of water. What can water do to the rock in years. Canyon it self is not very long (about 2 kilometers), but is deep (approximately 100 meter). I really enjoy another amazing place offered by east Iceland.

From the canyon we need to drive back few kilometers to camping. It is no problem, cause we have done only 100 kilometers today. I have enjoyed this day a lot. In camping place in Skaftárhreppur city, we help some Asian tourist with tent. While we were cooking dinner and eating it, they were not able to set it up. For sure they bought it today. I can tell by the smell. With Jan we have a lot of energy and hill covered by brown grass with lovely green path to the top wants us to climb it. Last couple of pictures are done and after great day, we are ready to get some sleep. East Iceland is stunning place.

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