Iceland ring road – 5. south Iceland

We are happy to use kitchen in the morning to have something warm for breakfast. Today and following days we will spend in south Iceland. For me this is most know part of the Iceland. I have at least bit of an idea what to expect. I am sure we will enjoy it.

Vik is our first stop of today. Actually we are not stopping in the city, but on the hill above it. Luckily with four wheels drive we can drive up to the top. From up here is great view on Vik city, interesting rocks under us and also we can clearly see black beaches below. We are going to beach Reynisfjara, which is below us.

Strong wind gives us hard time to walk on the beach made of small black rocks. We already have seen those interesting rock, and here they are again. From the caves is nice view on the beach it self. We are going towards “Trident” coming out of the water. Walking back is much harder and we have to fight with strong wind. At the other end of the beach we can clearly see rocks named Kirkjufjara.

Both beaches are very nice. It is time to move on to Skógafoss waterfall. In one of the local pubs we have meeting point with Zuzka`s friend Jano, who is working here. During the lunch we chat a lot. Later we go to check Skógafoss waterfall. I don`t know what I should write about it. On the Iceland is like millions of waterfall. In last ten days I have seen at least half of them, and we had to stop by most of them.

From Skógafoss we have to drive back few kilometers towards Vik. Our last mission of the day is to check crashed DC 3 plane, which belongs to US army. We are not able to reach it by the car. Long walk is ahead of us (4 km / 2,5 miles) in boring country. Everywhere around us are small black rocks and … that is it. It took us about an hour to finally see the plane on the horizon. Anyway I like this place. White plane in the middle of nowhere on the black small rocks. On the way back few tourist ask me if it is worth of walking. Definitely yes, but take more clothes with you and be ready to walk.

At late afternoon it is time to find camping, where we will spend the night. Good camp in close to Gljúfrafoss waterfall. Next 30 minutes we will be in the car. Glad to get warmer a bit. So far I really enjoy south Iceland.

Camping is well placed. Just few meters from my tent is Gljúfrafoss waterfall. You can not see it, because it is hidden in the rocks. Few hundred meters from here is Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. By know I am not interested in waterfalls, but this one is just great. You must see it. I am sure it is most beautiful one in Iceland. As we are getting closer to Reykjavik, there are more and more tourist. Honestly, as a tourist I don`t like it. So far we have seen minimum of them. Sometimes it was hard to see other car. This place is crowded. Maybe it is because we are in Golden circle.

Next waterfall where we have to stop is Gluggafoss.It is just few minutes drive, so Jano convinced me to drive here. South Iceland offers a lots of waterfalls. I surprised that we are almost alone here. Where are all the people?

My questions is answered in Gullfoss. Despite windy, cold and totally ugly weather all the people are here. I am trying to understand what brings here all the people. Frankly speaking I don`t get it. Weather is bad, waterfall is ugly. You can barely see it and on top of that from wrong angle. I remember this place very well because of the toilets. You can pan for lavatories by card.

Lets leave this place. I am sure that closer to Reykjavik we are, more people will be everywhere. South Iceland, especially Golden circle is crowded. I can not image how many people is here in main season.

Nothing is changed in Strokkur. You can see lot of earth activity, but most of all geysers. One of them erupts every 5 minutes. Take the picture without any person on it is almost impossible. But I like this place. Biggest geyser is “broken”. Last know eruption is more than 10 years ago. It erupts only in special occasion.

Last stop of the day is Þingvellir. For Iceland people it is very important place. In 874 first Iceland’s parliament was founded here. Besides that it is place where North america`s and Euroasian tectonic plates meets. Of course you can find waterfall here. South Iceland is far the best in this discipline.

Camping is not far Þingvellir. Tomorrow we will continue to discover beauty of the Iceland. Basically it last day of our vacation. Luckily we plan to go to Reykjavik. For sure there will be some souvenirs shops. Hopefully I can buy something nice.

Morning really become a routine. We know how to effectively and quickly pack all our stuff. Having a short breakfast is not an issue. In the evening we are always searching for something, but this is all our vacation. Either we are looking for something in car or looking for some place on the Iceland. In south Iceland we haven`t been lost so far.

Kerið volcano is our first stop of the day. Something unbelievable just happened. We have to pay small amount for the parking. Walking around volcano is easy. First we are going around top of it, and then we decide to go around lake in the middle of the volacano. In total we have spend here about hour.

As always we are not in hurry. We would like to enjoy south Iceland as much as possible, there we start looking for hot pot, when we can relax. By this idea we are lead to the place where we should find something like this. Pictures on the web looks great and Reykjadalur should be the right place. However it is not. There is lot of hot springs, boiling mud but no place with warm water where we can get in. I am sure we will find something by the end of the day. In Hveragerði village is earth cooking kitchen. It can be fun to cook in there.

Upon our arrival we have visited Reykjavik. We will do the same before we leave. Besides souvenirs shops we want to see two thing. Church Hallgrímskirkja is build from hexagons, which we have seen all over the Iceland. Second place worth of visit is Hapra building. I have no clue what it is used for, but hexagons are everywhere. I really love it. It is modern art, but it is clear it relates to Iceland.

Time to mover fowrard and keep discovering south Iceland. Near Krýsuvík we are doing our best to find nice hot pot. Again, we have no luck, but at least we found nice place with earth activity. Lovely place where to say goodbye to Iceland. In 24 hours we will be in plane flying home.

We are not going to give up. It is our mission for today to find hot pot, so we keep searching in south Iceland. According to pictures from the web, there is lovely hot pot with amazing view on the rocky beach. GPS coordinates are really helpful. As a geocacher I know how to use them. Obviosuly this place does`t exist anymore. Last chance is Gunnuhnver. It is place with lot of seismic activity. Now I reallize that those kind of places are only on the south Iceland and Mývatn lake. Lots of boiling mud, steam coming out from everywhere but no place for relax in hot pot. It is getting late and we are giving up. It is time to find place for the last night.

Car navigation brings us to lighthouse in Raykjanes. Camping place should be here, but we can not see it. There is nothing beside one “giant bird”. I have the feeling that I am at the end of the world. This is where it is ends.

Lets move somewhere else, where we can spend night. During the search we find last interesting place of south Iceland. Bridge build between two continents. It connects North Americas and Euroasians tectonic plates. We have seen this in Þingvellir, close to old Icelandic parliament.

Last night will be in Sandgerði camp. It is just few minutes drive to the Keflavík airport. Gas cartridge run out of the gas while cooking dinner. For the breakfast we will not have coffer or tea. This was the last sign, that we have to leave this beautiful island.

Last Iceland morning is bit different. Packing takes much more time. We need to put everything in our back pack so we can carry all the stuffs to airplane. Luckily we have plenty of time. In local grocery store we do small shopping. Before we reach airport we stop at coast to check two lighthouses and I find couple of geocaches. Before I return a car I have noticed that we did more than 3 000 km over the Iceland. Last thing what we will do on Iceland is waiting for the plane, which will take us back to the reality.

South Iceland has much to offer. I mean whole Iceland is great place to visit. Everyone who loves nature will love this place. Island offers lots of waterfalls (I already hate them 🙂 ), summits and peaks, volcanoes or glaciers. Only one thing you will not find here – deep forests. At least we have seem them in whole trip. Maybe you can find them at the northwest of the island. Beginning of May is good time to visit Iceland. Everything is cheaper as in the high season and it is not crowded. I will definitely come back to this beautiful country again. I am sure it will be sometimes in autumn, because of aurora.

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