Klettersteig season 2015 starts

It is middle of March and weather forecast for the weekend seems to be OK. It is not going to be sunny Saturday, but predicted temperature will be about 10 degrees of Celcia. In lower mountains there is no snow for couple of days. Me and my friends we have decided to start via ferrata 2015 seasson. In our group we have few people who are less experienced so we are going for really easy klettersteigen today.

Mödlinger klettersteig as start

Closest to Bratislava is Mödlinger klettersteig, difficulty B/C is about the right for the first ferrata of the season. We are parking our cars near start at Bruhler Strasse, cross the road, and almost immediately we are under the rock. This is my second time here on this klettersteig, so I already know what I should expect. With the friends we are playing game which we call “Very hot rope”. It means we are not supposed to touch the rope during our ascent. It took us more than 40 minutes to get up to the hill. However we took our time, we enjoyed climbing for the first time in this year. It is really easy via ferrata suitable for first timers for couple of reasons:

  • it is short in terms of the length
  • lots of places to rest
  • you are not really high about the surrounding country, people don’t get scared
  • it is not airy (luftig)

Those of you, who are geocachers, dont forget cache, which is near the top of the klettersteig.

First time on Pittentaler klettersteig

Second ferrata of the day was Pittentaler. I haven’t been here so don’t know what to expect. Once we get off the highway and were heading towards Gleissenfeld, I could recognize the ruins of the old church on the rock. Difficulty is not really suitable for the beginners, therefore we have took climbing rope with us, in case we would need to help someone. Before ascent to the starting point of the klettersteig, we had small snack and start walking up to the hill. To reach the ferrata you need to walk pproximately 20 minutes. From the bottom it looks beautiful. Most of us were looking to start climbing. I didn’t find any places on the ferrata difficult what was little surprise for me. As it is classified as C/D I expected more difficult climbing. 40 minutes after the start we have reached the top. Even the person for who it was just second kletersteig ever. She did great. We were lucky cause at the time we reached the top, there was just few people and we had a time to enjoy the view from the top and search for the cache. Before descent we checked the ruins of Turkensturz, for few minutes and decided to get back to our cars and drive to the last klettersteig of the day.

Währingersteig again

Few years ago Wahringersteig was my first klettersteig ever. It is already couple of years when I have been on this place for the first time. Difficulty C seems to be good for starters who has already tried to climb or have some experience with climbing. Doesn’t matter if it is indoor or outdoor. For all of us it was piece of a cake. This via ferrata offers only one difficult place for unexperienced climbers. It is moment when you are going out from cave to the ladder. However if you stop there and think what you should do with your legs, it is easy.

It was a nice day spend with friend outside. I am already looking forward to spring and summer, when we will be climbing new klettersteigs, we haven’t  been before.

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