Krimml waterfall and playing fountain

It is sunday morning and I am waking up in Bad Gastein, where I will spend this year summer vacation. Finally I can explore surroundings. When we got here shortly before the midnight I didn’t have enough energy to do so. It is too late to go hiking to the mountains therefore we are going to see Krimml waterfall.

Shortly after lunch time we are in Krimml village. We have to park on big meadow few meters above main road. It is official parking place (fee 5 €). From the parking place we can see huge Krimml waterfall. At least we know which way need to go. I already know that today it is not going to be like hiking. There are lots of people. It will not be nice and quiet day.

In the building near the parking, we are not able to buy tickets. Simply they do not offer them. We are going directly to the Krimml waterfall. At the main entrance we get tickets – 3 € per person. Just few meters after the entrance, you can take right turn to see bottom Krimml waterfall. I guess it is biggest one. The sound is amazing. You can go really close to the waterfall, but be aware you will get totally wet. Billions of watter drops are in the air which make a rainbow anywhere you look. We are going a bit up to the edge of river to see waterfall from close distance. Rocks are slippery, we need to be carefull. In just few minutes we are totally wet. It looks like we just got out of the shower. Few quick pictures and it is time to start going up to see other waterfalls.

Hiking path is really wide, but sometimes it is not enough. You can meet also few couples with stroller. In some parts it is really steep and can imagine it is really hard work to push stroller up the hill. From main path there si plenty of turns to view points, which are really close to Krimml waterfall. It is worth to do more extra steps and go to most of them.

After 2, maybe 2,5 hours of walking, enjoy views and avoid other people we get to the hut, where we have a late lunch. Atmosphere is great, food amazing and service is nice. We already made 2/3 of Krimml waterfall ascent. In upper part of the falls is fewer people and finaly I can enjoy this place. Upper Krimml waterfall is visible from distance. We made it, we are on top of the walls and can enjoy view to the valley. We have plenty of time till sunset, therefore we decided to walk bit into the valley above the Krimml waterfall. It is great place for bikers. Gravel path goes up and down, in great nature scenery. In one of the huts we are sitting down to have something to drink. I really enjoy mountains and adding some of them to my bucket list. My list is getting longer and longer, I would need to speed up 🙂

It is time to get back to the car. On the way to Bad Gastein we want to stop for few geocaches and some of them are next to the Krimml waterfalls. We could stop there on the way up because of other people. Hopefully it will be more quiet on the way down. We are lucky and we can search for one cache close to the hiking path. At the main entrance we are having great waffle with Nutella. It is time to search for some geocaches. I like the most one in Krimml park where with dancing fountain to classical music.

Overall it was a great day. We need to do some shopping on the way back. Need to have some food for tomorrow hike. Krimml waterfalls are not traditional destination for hikers, but it is worth of visit. Feel free to take with you small kids or people who are not hikers at all. They will manage to climb to the top and will enjoy beauty of Krimml waterfalls.

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