Maltatal valley

Yesterday we have hiked to Grosser Hafner summit and spend the night in Kattowitzer hut. Today we need to descent to dam at the end of Maltatal valley. As we have great weather we have plenty of time to descent via same path as we get here and visit all the beauty which is hidden in Maltatal valley. It is a bit windy this morning so it takes a bit time until we find place for breakfast. I has to be place with great view to Hochalmspitze and it will cover us from the wind. It took us less than hour to find such a place. Now we can have the breakfast.

We will have plenty of time once we are back to car so we need to plan something. It is definitely better to stay here and see couple of places than rush home. Weather is awesome and descent is easy and fast. Path goes up and down. From time point of view it takes probably about the same. Maybe descent is bit longer because we had really long and amazing breakfast. Nobody cares, there is lot of things to admire. As we are getting closer to Malta hotel and the end of the Maltatal valley, we can see parking place full of cars. Comparing to yesterday morning it is much more people here.

At the parking place we put all hiking gear into the car and going to check “Skywalk”, which is in the middle of the dam. It offers great view to Maltatal valley and to lower dam. Couple of people is scared to enter Skywalk, because you can clearly see under your foot. It is really deep. For us it is not a problem and taking couple of great pictures.

On the way back to the hotel I search for geocache. It is hidden on really busy place, so I have to be really careful. With help of my girlfriend I am able to get it safely. Hopefully no one saw where it is hidden. On the hotel deck we are having lunch. We need to have some energy to discover Maltatal valley. According geoachaces we have 3 more stops on the way home.

First stop is withing Maltatal valley. However to reach Blauer Tumpf waterfall we need to drive for couple of minutes. It takes us much more than expected becasue of the light in front of the tunnels. Traffic is only one way so we have to wait for green light. We had to wait for more than 15 minutes. To waterfall it self we have to walk. It is hidden at the total bottom of the Maltatal valley. Under the waterfall is small like. I am sure it is not good for swim in summer, but it is great place for relax. Thanks to geocaching we have visited such a nice place.

Next stuop is Melnik waterfall. This one is also in the valley, on the toll road. Falling water is visible from the parking place, but we are a hikers. Of course we want to get closer to the waterfall it self. It is time to take couple of pictures, search for geocache (again 🙂 and hit the road. Before we leave this place my girlfriend wants to get as close as possible to the waterfall. In order not to get wet she uses umbrella.

Last stop is Fallbach waterfall. Unfortunately we can take picture only from distance. Admin fee is required to get closer to the fall. We are not paying this time for taking a pictures. Next time we will pay for via ferrata and do lovely pictures of the Fallbach waterfall.

If you are hiker or just want to spend couple days in the middle of mountains Maltatal valley is great place to visit. Upper dam offers great walk close to the water and close to the Alps summits. Near the dam is walking path whit huts ready to serve you food or drink.

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