Mödlinger or why and how to start with via ferrata

You know that feeling. You are browsing the net, or you find yourself lost in some sport magazine and once you see a photograph. On that picture is a man climbing up some rock wall. The rock wall acts very cold, sky is nice blue and beautiful scenery picture this moment as superb and dangerous simultaneously. The man reminds a spider, above him is a rope to secure him and below u can see a hundred meters george. There is a pocket with magnesium on his back, around his waist is a lot of iron that looks like a bunch of key chains and still the environment surrounding him is breath taking. He is crazy, you say to yourself. You are about to turn the page but there is something about that picture that fascinate you. You just cannot give up on that photograph. The first thing that comes to your mind is “I would not be able to do this in all my life” as a second thing “ why the hell is that man doing that?” And so you are further browsing the net and somewhere in your mind is still a big question mark. What is that feeling about?
You come to a rock wall. Put on all the equipment, via ferrata set and helmet. Vibram sole on your shoes is currently your last contact with the ground. You are about to climb the rock in a while. First snap out of ferrata set carabiners, rope, clamps and rock. You are thinking over every step and you are climbing higher. Your heart is pounding. Adrenaline brings you back to life and you feel that red bull flows in your veins because suddenly you have wings. You look around you and you are trying to find the words to describe that feeling of being in a place, that is not for everyone, being in the place you can reach only if you overcome yourself.
With awe and respect I watched climbers as a boy. It was something fascinating for me, and since I did not know anyone who was doing that sport at that time so I did not even think that I would ever try it. I could not imagine that just without any training I can start to climb the rock. I did not know that there are some secured routes (via ferrata or klettersteig) where you can try it. Where you can try what it is like to have wings or even whether you are really able to do it, as it is said: “What is allowed to God it is not allowed to ox”. A man is not a God at all and some of them are even not oxen so taking into account that a man can achieve anything he really wants, let’s do it.
I did my first via ferrata with my friend, lets call him Miso, even though his name is really Marko, actually I was persuaded by him. Miso was not a complete beginner in climbing however he still considered himself as being one. Actually to try via ferrata one do not needs to contact a travel agency. All one needs is to know somebody who will teach him the basic stuff directly on the rock. We decided to begin by ourselves but with high responsibility a preparation. Miso has chosen Modlinger. My role was to find as many information about via ferrata as possible. I just really wanted to know where I am going to fight with myself. Based on our experience I am sure that there is no better via ferrata for beginners as the Modlinger.
In other words if you want to try what is via ferrata about as well as how is it to climb the rock or to really find out whether you are afraid of heights you need to go to Modlinger. It is the closest ferrata to Bratislava (only one hour by car – low costs). The starting point for Modlinger is about 3 minutes away form the parking (so you do not have time to reconsider it). As for the difficulty, it is rated as B / C according to the official scale. The most difficult part is just the beginning of the ferrata “C”, then the rest is pretty cool “A / B”. Overall ferrata takes about an hour to finish including the time for descent (it depends mostly on the amount of selfie hat you decide to take :). The environment is really beautiful there, and therefore via ferrata has all the attributes for entry into the world where climbing is part of life. Environment and scenery is really beautiful therefore this via ferrata has all the attributes for an easy entrance to the world where climbing is part of life.
Actually if I wanted to try some climbing with no experience I would look for groups of people dealing with that topic, for sure on Facebook, and ask somebody to take me to Modlinger. Based on my experience there are many of people out there willing to help because there is no way that who likes nature is a bed person :).
Starting with Modlinger we finished other eight via ferrata this year together with Miso. Most of them differ in difficulty and in the distance from the parking place to the rock wall.
Via ferrata slowly begins to penetrate into the skin a person simply wants more. It is a perfect example of enlarging comfort zone, climbing tells you a lot about yourself and about the world that we can only experience by ourselves.
The real magic of nature, however, I felt up during climbing Königsjodler. I must say that missis via ferrata Königsjodler is the real reason to start with this sport. It all begins at the start point. You need to prepare for over a thousand vertical meters ascent. It takes a lot of effort because you need to start really early in the morning to finish it in one day. We knew it and we did not give up. Enthusiasm drove us forward. The way past by quickly, it began to dawn on and mountains slowly began to show their beauty.
And that it came. You know that feeling. You come to a rock wall. Put on all the equipment, via ferrata set and helmet. Vibram sole on your shoes is currently your last contact with the ground. You are about to climb the rock in a while.

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