Myrafälle waterfall and Steinwandklamm

On Thursday July 5th we had a bank holiday in Slovakia. Me, my wife and couple of friends are going for short trip to Austria. It is just one day trip, so it has to be something close to the border. We have decided to visit Myrafälle waterfall and Steinwandklamm.

From Bratislava it is about hour and half maybe two hours of driving. Mostly it is highways, only last 30 – 40 kilometers are local roads. After parking near Muggendorf village we have a short break and paying the entrance fee. It is possible to pay 5 € for waterfalls or 8 € for waterfalls and gorge Steinwandklamm. We are paying higher fee, so we can visit both natural beauties.

I should probably correct expression “natural beauties”. Waterfall are of course made by nature, but there is lots of wooden bridges, paths, stairs and it is not just a nature. I would say, there is too much of them. Similar place is Slovak paradise, but here is created for all types of hikers. Doesn’t matter if you are going with small kids or with aged grandparents. If they are able walk on stairs and able to walk for an hour or so, they will make it.

Hikers, who would like to make hike a bit harder, they can leave waterfalls after couple of stairs and start walking towards Hausstein. It is easy hill, from which is nice view to Muggendorf village, situated just below it.

After descend back to the path, which leads follows the stream we are back to the path which goes directly from the waterfalls. We need to descent few more meters and we are at the end of Myrafälle hike. It took us bit more than hour including longer stop on Hausstein. Without a break we keep going to our next goal of the day – Steinwandklamm gorge.

I need to consult the map, to be sure to go right way. Thru small hill, to the forest. It took us about an hour the get to the end of the Rudolf Decker Steig. Place is called Jagasitz. From here we need to descent about 15 minutes on yellow marked path to reach entrance of Steinwandklamm.

Before entering it, we are having small break. First, we will go thru bottom part of the gorge. There are again wooden bridges, stairs and couple of waterfalls. There are two ways up. Either thru all the bridges and then thru woods, or via easy via ferrata. We wanted to go thru both options, therefore before entering the woods we had turned around to via ferrata starting point. Rudold Decker Steig is very easy secured path ranked A/B, so it is not problem to climb it without proper equipment. It is important that person who is climbing cannot be scared of heights. It is almost vertical climb.

After few minutes we are getting to the crossroads. Bigger ladder goes right and it ends in cave. On the left we have shorter ladder and it ends on some kind of bridge. Girls decided to go with longer one. We are going thru short cave back to the bridge, where shorter bridge leads. All of us going this way because it is more fun.

Later we go thru another cave. This one is bigger. According old stories, local people were hiding here during war with Turkish- That is way it is called „Türkenloch“. After few more steps after the cave we are at the end of Rudolf Decker Steig via ferrata. Now it is time to sit down again, enjoy the view, and descend thru woods to the place called Jagasitz. I have already mentioned it in this post.

From here we have to go down via same path, as we have come here for about 15 minutes. On the crossroad we are going left. This path will bring us back to the parking place with lake and restaurant. It is a lunch time so we are having great food, before we will drive home.

Whole hike can be done in 4 – 5 hours. It very depends how long breaks will you have and how much time you will spend by taking pictures. “Circle” is in shape of number 8. Only small part of the hike follows same route up and down, which is fine. Active hikers can do it easily in one day. For the families with small kids this could be two different hikes in two different days. Near both entrances, to Myrafälle and Steinwandklamm are parking places.

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