Naturfreunde klettersteige on Easter Saturday

Few days before Easter, I have already checked weather forecast for Trattenbach. We planed to climb most of the iron routes in Naturfreunde klettersteige. Martin and Ondrej wanted to try iron route with difficulty “E”. You can have a great plan, but if weather is not as expected, your plans will be changed for sure.

We planned to leave Bratislava in the morning around 7 am. Shortly after my alarm clock went on, I have checked weather forecast for today, to make sure traveling more than 500 kilometres in one day is worth it. Forecast says everything will be ok, not sunny day, but without the rain. I decided to give it try. Already on A1 highway I have noticed that on mountains, which are not too high, there is a lot of snow. I was sure that on Beisteinmauer (632 m / 2 073 ft), where all Naturfreunde klettersteigen ends, will be without snow. But it was not like that unfortunately. Top of the rock was covered with snow a bit, and surrounding hills had plenty of snow. Rock was wet and shortly before we left was rainy.

Naturfreunde klettersteige is one rock with 7 different routes on it. Difficulty varies from B/C to E, so each climber will find his favourite route. On top of that there is one bench with amazing view on Enns river and 63 meters / 206 ft long iron bridge. This is the great combination of routes and you have no problem to spend on Naturfreunde klettersteige full day climbing, enjoying view and having fun with friends.

We start climbing from bottom where starts iron routes called “The little rock”, which connects to “Hetschi klettersteig”. It is a combination of C and B/C difficulties. We prefered not to walked up the hill, so as a fresh start of the day, those two iron routes will be just perfect. As I mentioned already rock was wet and difficulty went up to C/D and D if not even higher. Iron rope and rocks where slippery and climbing was much more fun. To make it even more fun, my stupid head forgot to take climbing gloves, so I had to climb without them. We made it to the end of those two routes safely. Near the top there was tricky part, where I hit my knee. I have stepped on crampon, my feet slippered into it. My knee hurt for a while.

Few steps from Hetschi klettersteig is platform, from where you can see most of the iron routes in Naturfreunde klettersteige. Right under the platform starts the iron bridge. I took few picuters, which you can see in gallery below, and started discussion with friends which way we will go. Because of the wet rock we decided to go up with “Karin klettersteig”. Karin difficulty is C, but as I mentioned in this conditions it will be D at least. In Naturfreunde klettersteige you can find Karin totally on the left if you are facing directly to the wall. One of the fact why we decided this way was the bench, where I want to take few pictures.

Iron route Karin itself is easy and fun to climb even if the rock is wet. There was just one or two more difficult places, where you need to use strength of your arms. Otherwise there is enough natural steps in the rock or crampons. Not sure if I should call them crampons, it is just a pole coming out of the rock. When you are stepping on it, you need to make sure, your feet will not fall of. On the other hand if you have some of those poles above, you can easily use them for climbing because end is bent to down. I have noticed those poles also on other iron routes in Naturfreunde klettersteige.

Few meters under the top of the Karin, you can leave the Karin iron route and Naturfreunde klettersteig as well. Behind the corner is perfect bench for relax, with amazing view on River Enns. Great place to take a short break, enjoy view be “far” from other climbers on different routes of Naturfreunde klettersteig. Easter Saturday was not warm and sunny day, so I havent spent here much time. I am last climber so I needed to go, cause my friends are already waiting for me. From bench to the top it is just few steps, few seconds of climbing.

Naturfreunde klettersteige top is situated on top of Beisteinmauer (632 m / 2 073 ft). You can find cross here, from which is a great view on different part of the valley. Descent take approximately 15 minutes, wich is perfect. Immediately after you get down you can start climbing other routes. We didn’t want to risk other routes, cause of wet rock. Instead of climbing we enjoyed another possibility offered by Naturfreunde klettersteige – iron bridge. Nepal bridge is 63 m / 206 ft long. I guess it is about 5-7 meters / 16 – 23 ft above the ground. Before using the bridge, make sure that you safely connected to top rope. Going thru the bridge is a lots of fun. Bridge was last part of Naturfreunde klettersteige for today. We are tired, and weather is against us anyway. It is time to go home.

Despite the weather and wet rock, it was fun day for me. I will for sure come back to Naturfreunde klettersteige with friend during the year, next time I will make sure, that weather will be better. What is your experience with wet rock?

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