Neuschwanstein castle and few via ferratas

Few of my friends wanted to visit Neuschwanstein castle with Eagles nest for a long time. We try to find suitable time for this trip. Every year we have in Slovakia bank holiday at the beginning of May and we do our best to manage some nice trip in those days. We all have agreed that this year we will go for Neuschwanstein castle and Eagles nest.

Accommodation around Neuschwanstein castle was a bit out of our budget, therefore I have started to search all possible locations. It was not easy to find accommodation for 8 people. At the end we all agreed that we will stay in Austria, 70 km from Neuschwanstein castle. Based on the pictures accommodation is looking good a the price is excellent (cca 13 eur per person per night). During long weekend we wanted to do following:

  • Thursday – after work hit the road towards Arzl im Pitztal
  • Friday – visit Neuschwanstein castle plus via ferrata close to castle
  • Saturday – not decided yet, we will decide based on the weather, preferably hike or via ferrata
  • Sunday – early in the morning return to Bratislava with stop in Eagles nest and Salzburg

On Thursday we left Bratislava around 16:30, which was exactly according our plans. In both cars we had walkie-talkie so we could discuss about the mountains what we saw. With few stops and without any rush we have reached Arzl im Pitztal around 23:00. We had small difficulty to find accommodation. Tired from long travel we quickly agreed on plans for next day and went to bed.

Neuschwanstein castle

Saturday early in the morning we had breakfast and around 8 am we hit the road again. From accommodation to the Neuschwanstein castle it was around 70 kilometers, which means more than one hour in a car. During our journey we could admire beauty of Tyrolean nature. While we were driving thru Fernpass, we stopped in rest place called Zugspitzblick (Zugspitz view). From this parking place is great view on highest Germany summit with cable car going to the top. Most of us is doing geocaching, so we walked few hundred meters for geocache under the parking place.

Around 9:30 we are paying for parking in Schwangau, directly under Neuschwanstein castle. In cash desk we have been informed, that it takes 45 minutes to reach castle by foot. We made it in half of the time. Therefore we have plenty of time to take a lot of pictures and go to see Mariabridge, which is not far. From the bridge is wonderful view on Neuschwanstein castle. I am surprised how many Asians are visiting this place. Entrance to the castle is every 5 minutes, but you need to buy ticket for exact time. We will get in in half an hour. We are watching Asians and trying to understand why someone needs millions selfies from one place.

Neuschwanstein interior is from my point of view nothing special. You can find here lots of old furniture, in lots of fancy rooms. All the castles have the same :). What really surprised me is that castle is “totally new” meaning it was not build in 13th or 15th century. Castle construction starts in 1869. Empire state building construction works started just 60 years later. Anyway after visit castle we went for lunch. What else you will have in Germany than “wurst”? :) During lunch we have agreed to move to close parking place and start via ferrata.

We are paying for parking again. This time it is 2 kilometers from our previous parking at the parking place at Tegelberg cable car. All of us getting ready for 4,5 hour hike with via ferrata on the road. After the “city” hike, we are looking for the real one. Few meters from the parking place, signs informs us about closed via ferrata. Anyway we have agreed we are going at least for a walk, cause weather is great. Since beginning we are going up on steep road. On next crossroad we are going left, crossing mountain stream and walking to the steep hill. One hour later we reached beginning of “Lehrpfad Gelbe wand” which is easy via ferrata. We will use it as way to reach Tegelbersteig, which we planned to climbed. Among us we have one girl who never been on via ferrata, so this is great lesson for her. As sign before said, Tegelbergsteig via ferrata is closed. There is no other option than going up on this “A” classified via ferrata unit we reach saddle called Sattel. We are having short break with a great view on Tegelberg peak (1881 m). We are approximately 300 meters below. Descent will be easy. Gravel roads are builed almost everywhere. In 20 minutes we have reached hut, where we can have som beer. Based on the information from map, we have done 1/3 of the descent. After short break we continue to descent. It turns out that hike was a great idea. During the descent we can see images from well-known puzzles. Amazing white Neuswanstein castle on green hill with mountains covered with snow at the background. It took us a while to reach the path, where we went to the left during ascent. Four hours since we left the cars we are back. It is time to get some stuff from grocery shop a get back to Arzl im Pitztal.

Rainy saturday

Weather forecast for saturday isn’t good at all. There is no way to go for whole day hike. On the web we are trying to find anything suitable for this weather. We have agreed that we will visit short via ferrata in city of Zams/Landeck. Gallug via ferrata was chosen because of easy reach of staring point a quick descent to parking place in case of rain. You can read about Galugg via ferrata in article Via ferrata Galugg.

After Gallug we went to Landeck castle. Some people were  getting ready for the wedding at the castle, so we didn’t see much of it. At least we have found nice geocache in castle walls. Next place where we wanted to go was bridge we have discovered on the way to the Neuschwanstein castle. Cable stayed bridge, is situated near Routte city near the castle Ehrenberg, is 114 meters above the surface and from car it looks amazing. On our way we had again parking place Zugspitzblick, where we stopped for lunch. During lunch break started heavy rain and we made decision to go back to Arzl im Pitztal. Weather in Arzl was better. At least there was no rain. Few of us still wanted to climb something. In just 5 minutes walking distance from accommodation we had via ferrata route Steinwand. Immediately after we have reached via ferrata, all of us noticed that rock is extreamly wet. All of us agree that we will see on crossroad if we are taking harder part or easier one. Finishing first part was not an easy job. Rock was really slippery and for climbing all of us needed to use strength in arms. You could fell down on every place. Group of climbers made decision not to start climbing second part, because it is simply to dangerous and we wanted to get home. During the evening we have played board game a planed our way home.

Salzburg castle

In early Sunday morning we are packing our stuff, cleaning accommodation a bit and getting ready to hit the road. On our way home we want to stop at Eagles Nest and Salzburg. Driving thru Tyrolean country side is nice experience for mountain lowers. You can admire lots of peaks near the highway. Few kilometers before Eagles Nest, we stopped at gas station. Weather is giving us again hard times. All the peaks are in the clouds, few raindrops are already falling from the sky. There is no sense to go to Eagles Nest in this weather. Plans are changed, we are heading to Salzburg. We go for walk in the city center and visiting Salzburg castle, which offers great view on city itself and surrounding mountains.

Despite the fact that weather was not perfect as we hoped, I belive all of us enjoyed this trip. We saw few new nice places, where we want to come back once. Eagles Nest visit remains on our to do list. Anyway it is from Bratislava only 400 kilometers, so we can do it during the weekend.

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