Norwegian trip – Atlantic ocean road

Our next destination is Atlantic Ocean Road also called Atlanterhavsveien. Definitely it is not ordinary road. It is 8,3 km / 5,15 mi long part of the road 64 which offers visitors a great view and unforgettable scenery. Road connects two villages – Averøy and Eide. It is build on small islands with 8 bridges. Longest one is Storseisundet.

It is Friday morning (11/18/2016) and we are in Kviltorp Camping. My boyfriend wakes me up in shower, where I have slept. After the breakfast is time pack our stuff and hit the road. In less than hour regular road 64 changes to something spectacular. We definitely took our time and did not rush. It is really short road, but it took us almost 3 hours. I am not kidding. We park on almost every possible place and enjoyed beauty of the country with amazing road. Weather is great and we are happy not to spend all the time in a car.

At the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean Road is small parking place. From here it is possible to go for a small walk around tiny island. This is right time to improve our photo skills. We have tripod and DSLR camera. Can we make some great pictures of the waves and rocks? None of us is experienced photographer, so it was definitely looking weird. We had trouble to find good place for tripod, or the pictures were too white, or to dark. However we have enjoyed it. As a first bridge which we have seen was Vevangstraumen (119 m long). After a long while we have moved bit further. At this place we have enjoyed every wave hitting rocks and search for first geocache from Atlantic Ocean Road.

Besides the great weather we met only couple of cars during our way. We could count all the people on one hand. This was great. During the caching we could focus on searching and not trying to be not suspicious. Second geocache was hidden under Hulvågen bridge, which is build from 3 parts (293 m). This was difficult one, but after a while we got it. On both side of the bridge are walk sides, which are used by fishermen. Thanks to one of those walk sides we were able to get under the bridge. From tiny island was a great view. On the other side, few meters away is rock pillar with white cross. This place is few meters above the road and it offers great view on the whole Atlantic Ocean Road.

Another bridge we crossed is Storseisundet. Among all the bridges on Atlantic Ocean road, this is the longest one (260 m). From my point of view is most beautiful, and probably most photographed one. On the other side of the bridge is Lyngholmen island. Small circle Eldhusøya around the island is doable on a wheelchair. Visitors can relax here and enjoy a lot of beautiful views. By all means it is great place to relax. Than we have without stopping crossed Geitøysundet Bridge (52 m), Store Lauvøysund Bridge (52 m) and Lille Lauvøysund Bridge (115 m)

Next stop on our way up to the north is Kristiansund city. We did not want to visit city a lot, we just went there for some nice snack. In dock restaurant we had a hot chocolate and sandwich. Restaurant was probably bit fancy, because all the people where dressed really nice. Just two of us where in hiking clothes, but we did not care. Before we left Kristiansud we went for one geocache and start heading towards Lofoten.

Decision was made, and we have agreed that we will drive as much as we can. Without a stop we have been moving north. In Kanestran we had to take short 20 minute ferry, which took su to Halsa. It was late night when we decided it is time to find place, where we will spend the night. Somewhere north from Trondheim we have find the camp. No one is in the camp but kitchen and toilets are open, which is fantastic. As soon as we get into sleeping bags, both of us felt in sleep immediately.

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