Norwegian trip – Baltic summits

After a night spent in nice hotel in Tallin, both of us realize that trip is almost at the end. We have only three planned stops. In some day, I would like to visit all highest points of all European countries. So Our next stop are Baltic summits as I called them. They are not summits really, all together are lower than 1 000 m / 3 000 ft.

Closest one is Suur Munamägi with altitude 318 m / 1 043 ft. This summit is close and far at the same time. It is far, because it is on the other end of Estonia as we are, but it is about 3 hours drive.

I had to fight a bit with my GPS. Roads in Baltic countries are not well mapped. I am glad I love geocaching. I was able to enter into GPS coordinates of the cache situated on the top of the hill. Couple of highways helped us to get there soon.

Suur Munamägi is forest hill with watch out tower on the top. We have to leave car few meters from the top and walk for 5 minutes to reach the top. First of all we have calculated coordinates of the summit cache and on the way back to the car we will get it. Now we are going to top of the tower. You can choose if you take the elevator or stairs. Stairs are cheaper and healthier. So far, we have been sitting in the car, so doing couple of stairs is more than welcome.

View from the top is nice. Besides us there si couple of tourist who enjoy views as well. I guess they like it much more, but we have seen Alps already. Before we will go back to the car, we are going for small walk on the other side of the “mountain”. Next two days we will spend in car, so it nice to have a short walk.

As you probably guess on the other side of the hill is geocache. Easy found. Now I realize that in one day we have reached highest point of Estonia twice. This is something you can do in few countries. On the way to the car we stop for one cache.

Now I need to set up next destination in my GPS. Again, I have to fight. Gaiziņkalns 312 m / 1023 ft, is highest point of Latvia. Again, I have to set into GPS geocache. This time we will drive for about two and half hours. Last 40 km / 25 mi is interesting. Regular road changes to gravel road, however nice one. I have to slow down a bit, because it is getting dark.

Few meters from summit I am parking the car. I have no clue how to go up. It is dark already so we need to take out lights from backpack. We are going direction to the cache. Hopefully we will find top of the hill as well. It is dark and we are in the middle of the woods. Somehow, we have managed to reach the top. Watch tower is without the stairs. In the dark we would not see anything. We have visited Gaiziņkalns only in the dark, I bet it counts. Before we go back to the car we for sure needs to get geocache. It is my first one from Latvia. I am sure for a long time it will be my last.

Last stop is Aukštojas Hill (294 m / 964 ft), highest point of Lithuania. I am sure we will not reach summit today. It will be great if we could reach Vilnius. From Lithuania capital is Aukštojas Hill only 30 minute’s drive. However, to reach city will take about 4 hours.

In Vilnius we need to find place to sleep. There is lot of option but it is issue to find hotel from booking page in reality. Finally we manage it and have room including breakfast for 20 € per person.

Next morning, we need to drive 40 km / 25 miles to Aukštojas Hill. Parking place is almost on the top. Short walk to the top of the hill is lovely morning exercise. From the tower, it is possible to see country, however not this time. Foggy weather makes it difficult. Of course, we had to find geocache here as well. Few hundred meters from here is sculpture made of the wood. We will stop there to check it. I am trying to find out who is this guy, but I am lazy to read whole geocache listing.

This is basically end of our vacation. Now we need to move back to Slovakia. GPS wants me to drive thru Belarus, but we do not have passports and visa. Therefore, we need to go from Lithuania directly to Poland.

My secret wish was spent next night in my own bed at home. Roads in Poland are full of trucks. Until you reach Warsaw, you do not see any highway. However, there is lot of construction work and they are building it. This is very nice, but it slows you down. Besides that, we have to wait about 30 minutes because of accident.

Sonner or later I start to realize that my secret wish will not became a true. Last night we are spending sleeping in car on a gas station somewhere in Poland. At least we are close to Slovakia. We are happy to be back home after almost 3 weeks, but we are sad that trip is over.

Immediately after we cross border of Slovakia it is time to have a great breakfast. In local grocery store I have bought 4 buns and two fish mayonnaise salat. This is really tradition Slovak junk food. I do not want to eat it on the shop parking so we have to drive bit further and nice lovely spot. After few minutes of drive I see it. This is the place where I am going to enjoy my breakfast. First bites are probably one of the best moments of the whole vacation.

After the breakfast, we have to drive to Bratislava, Slovakia capital. On our way we stopped for one cache and Lucka wants to have morning coffee. We talk a lot about our experience from last 14 days. How Europe can be amazing and without a people. For both of us it was a really great trip and we are sure, we will go for similar trip again. Anyway, we want to visit Lofoten Islands again, or real most northern point of Europe. Besides that, I did not reach highest point of Sweden, Finland and Norway. So, I will come back.

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