Norwegian trip – Lofoten

It is Saturday (11/19/2016) and we are waking up in camping where we have placed tent yesterday. Kitchen is open, so we use it to prepare warm breakfast. Then we will pack our stuff and start heading towards Lofoten. If we want to save some time, we need to hurry. Ferry from Bodø to Moskenes leaves at 4:30 pm and 45 minuter before check-in will be closed. Otherwise we would have to wait for another ferry more than 24 hours. We need to drive about 700 km. I really admired my boyfriend who need to make it work. In short time he was able to manage it and he did all his best to drive within a speed limits, which are somewhere between 50 – 90 km per hour.

At the beginning we were counting each minute. I tried all my best not to fall a sleep, so I have talked about everything. I was fascinated by the roofs with grass on top of them. On one of the roof was small tree about 2 feet tall. Most of the windows did not have any draperies so you could see into the houses. Be aware that at this time of the year is most of the time dark in Norway and people needs to have lights on in the house. Typical Norwegian houses are made of wood and I love them. They were amazing. Lost of them where build in the middle of nowhere or in small groups. I really like safety attitude. Each pedestrian has something reflective. Doesn’t matter if it was vest, jacket or something else. This is in Slovakia very rare. People are used to live in the dark same way as during day light. They have no problem to fix the roof or kids go out sledding.

So far we were OK and enjoyed the journey, however it has changed. We need to save every minute and 20 minutes road block, because of work was a big issue. After this my boyfriend needs to speed up a bit in order to catch the ferry. Otherwise we would spend one day in Bodø. Shortly before 2 pm we have crossed Artic circle. Coutryside has change to snow desert. Road was slippery but we have managed it to come to the Bodø on time. But … you do not need follow all the rules. It was recommended to come to Bodø 45 minutes before check in, but it was not needed. We have been most of the time waiting on the parking place and nothing was going on. At least we could fill the tank of the car in Bodø, where was diesel much cheaper than on Lofoten islands. This is one of the places where we could save up some money.

Finally we are on the ferry. It is big boat with restaurant a lots of places to sit down and relax. After 3 hours we are in Moskenes. We are happy to be on Lofoten. Now we need to find some place where we will spend the night. The best place what we could find was rest place near Flakstad city, few meters from the beach. Night was windy and rainy. It was hard to sleep in the tent for both of us, so I have decided to go to sleep to the car. In the morning tent was totally wet. However we have packed it really quickly. Weather was still bad, mainly fogy and rainy.

In Reine gas station we are having breakfast and wait until it stops raining. Heavy rain is gone and we can visit village with shortest name – Å. Weather is still bad, but the village is amazing anyway. Red Norwegian houses build on the water are stunning. In whole village we have met no one. Really peaceful place. With this set up it was easy to find couple of geocaches. Because of the rain we had to move. Last picture is taken with sign, where is one letter as village name. Then we can see other beautiful places of Lofoten. I have to correct my self a bit. Next thing what we have seen was driers where local people dry fish. However we have found one dried where only fish heads are and couple of death birds. Birds are there probably to scare other birds.

We have found nice rest place near side road. Great place to cook pasta with Carbonara sauce with real bacon for lunch. Soon it will be dark, despite the fact it is around 2 pm, we are going to find some place where we will spend the night. Weather is getting worse anyway and we can not do anything about it. Not far from Leknes we have found Lofoten Camping Storfjord. They have offered us a small hut for a really good price. Sleeping in a hut is not so adventure, but we need to dry tent and sleeping pads. We did not want to spend evening in the hut, so we went out to take some night pictures of the Leknes. Few kilometers away is lighthouse with hidden geocache. Terrain close to the cache was bad and we did not want to take risk. So instead of that we took couple of night pictures of the harbor.

Next day we have planned visit of couple of great beaches like Vik beach, Haukland beach and Uttakleiv beach. Beach Vik and Haukland are next to each other. Both of them has white send and crystal clear water. In summer Haukland beach is great for swimmers and is also possible to play beach volleyball there. We have spend there great time walking on those beaches. Of course we have taken a lot of picture. This time pictures are without swimmers. We are not going to sunbathing because we are in jackets in hats.

As a real hikers, we want to go for a hike. That is why we decided to go to Uttakleiv beach by foot. Hiking path goes under Himmeltindan (964 m/ 3 163 ft). From lake Solstadvatnet, where starts small stream, which is going thru Haukland beach to ocean, we are going steeply to the hill. Steep part is no long, however it took some time. In the saddle we have found one geocache and enjoyed the view to Uttakleiv beach and Smårollinger village. Local people are very nice and friendly. As soon as they spot as, they start smiling. Uttakleiv beach is probably most photographed beach on Lofoten. On one side of the beach is couple of interesting rocks, in the middle is white sand and at the end is huge mountain going up directly from the ocean. I have named this beach as “Heart beach”. There is heart made out of stones. It was amazing to watch beauty of the country. In front of me is white sand beach, behind me is mountain covered by snow. Just awesome.

Soon it will be dark, and we need to go back to the hut. We are following path around mountain, close to the ocean, which will take us to car. It took us about one hour. In Leknes we have stopped in Bunnpris. Tonight we are going to have a great dinner – Norwegian salmon with warm vine. During the dinner we have talked a lot about beautiful day on Lofoten.

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