Norwegian trip – Møllehøj in Denmark

It is already couple of years I dream about trip to Norway. I wanted to see beauty of this northern country. Most of it I wanted to see nature. Norway has a lot of to offer from this point of view. I was planning this trip multiple times for couple of years. For various reasons I was not able to make it. I did not have enough vacation days, there was no one to go with me, or something else. At the end of the year 2016 my dream come true. During my trip to Norway I have visited Møllehøj in Denmark.

With my girlfriend we have start thinking and come up with rough plan of our adventure. In south of Norway we will spend two days. First we will go to visit Kjeragbolten rock and eight highest waterfall in Norway Kjeragfossen. Then we will hike to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and visit another waterfall Langfoss on road E134. As we will go up to north to Lofoten Island we will visit Atlantic Ocean Road. From Lofoten we will reach most northern point of Europe – Nordkapp. Then we will be heading back home thru Baltic countries. Hopefully before that we will see northern lights (Aurora borealis). In the Baltic countries we will visit highest points of each country.

I have more free days than my girlfriend so I will start my own vacation 4 days earlier and we will meet at Oslo airport. From this point we will enjoy vacation together. I am sure that both of us will enjoy beauty offered by Norway.

Sunday (11/13/2016) I am starting the adventurer road trip. There are two milestones I have to meet. On Wednesday at 2:30 pm I have to bee at Oslo Gardermoen airport to picku up Lucka. In order to meet this deadline I have to catch ferry on Tuesday 9:00 am. Ferry goes from Hirtshals in Denmark to Langesund in Norway. Actually I have to be in Hirtshals one hour before departure, because of the check-in.

As you already know and based on the blog you are reading right know I am mountain and nature freak. Therefore only one planned stop during my way to is Møllehøj – highest “peak” in Denmark. I mean it is not peak for sure, it is hill, from my point of view just meadow with altitude 170,86 m / 560.56 ft. It is highest point of Denmark only since 2005. I dream about visiting all the highest point of each European country so I had to stop in this one.

My trip starts in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) driving thru Czech, Germany and Denmark. I have no clue where I will be at the end of the day and where I am going to sleep, but I don`t care. Car is fully packed and equipped with everything we will need in next two weeks. Hope everything is in the car, but I am sure we have forgot something.

I don`t need to hurry, I am driving about 120 km per hour / 75 miles per hour, which is below limits. Close to German Magdebur I am running out of diesel. Time to get off the highway I look for cheap diesel. After refill I am back on highway and driving few more kilometers towards Møllehøj.

During the night I slept in a car in sleeping bag. Based on the frozen window I can tell it was freezing a lot. Funny part is that windscreen is frozen from inside not outside. Before I went to sleep I have open up a bit all 4 windows and humid air could get out of the car. Obviously it was not enough. At least I have great warm up in the morning.

Breakfast in warm up car would be great, I have to drive for couple of minutes. Traffic jam near Hanover force me to leave high way and take local roads. Honestly, I do not mind. It would be easier to find spot for breakfast.

My plan is to use kettle and make a cup of tee for myself. Device which goes to car lighter change the electricity to regular plug. However outcome power is too weak for kettle. This complicates our trip for the rest of it. Of course we have hiking stove, but I am lazy to make a tee this way. Anyway I will stop on next gas station a buy something for me.

Next planned stop is Flensbug – last German city before I enter Denmark. Honestly, there is nothing I am interested in. I just need to refuel my car and diesel is cheaper in Germany than in Denmark. In grocery store I grab something for lunch/late lunch and eat it at rest place in Denmark, where I will search for my very first cache in this country. I need to drive about 150 kilometers to reach Møllehøj. I am not happy about the weather. It is rainy and foggy. Hopefully it will be better soon.


Finally I am arriving to parking place close to highest point in Denmark. Møllehøj is about 400 meters / quarter a mile away. It is fogy, windy and rainy. What a great day for hike. Few steps from parking place is watch out tower. I can not see the details because of the fog. It is open so go up to the tower. On the top of the tower could be a great view, but today I see …. nothing. Now it is time to see highest point of Denmark – Møllehøj. I walk for couple of minutes when I am informed by sign that I am entering private property and I should walk only in the corridors. 45 seconds later I am on top of the Denmark. Because of the fog I see nothing. Actually there is a wall of some kind of a building. By the noise I guess cows live in there. My plan was to do really small hike, but in this weather I give up and heading back to car.

Main stop of my trip to Norway is successfully checked. Møllehøj was must during my way. On top it is just few minutes drive from the highway. Today I need to reach Hirtshals, where I will buy diesel to my car, dinner and search for couple of geocaches. Ferry leaves docks in the morning so I have plenty of time.

Hirtshals is small see town in north of Denmark with couple of houses, few gas stations and big parking for trucks, where I am going to sleep. Again I am sleeping in my car. Alarm clock will wake me up at 7:00 am. Check in for ferry closes at 8. Night was without a problems.

At 7:30 I am at ferry check in. All the gates are closed and I am second in the line. I have to wait. Shortly before 8 gates are open. It is time for “paper work”. Lady at counter want to see my reservation and ID. Check in is over :). She sends me to wait in other line. After some time, few cars i behind me and dock guys let us in to the boat. Immediately after I have parked the car, I am ready to scout the boat.

On the boat everyone will find all what can be needed during few hours boat trip. It seems to me that boat is almost empty, because there is just few passengers. After short nap I am ready to go thru boat. This is my very first time on such a big boat. I have visited every possible floor. There is couple of restaurant, casinos, cabins and that is about it. In Duty free shop everyone is buying alcohol. I have bottle of good Slovak alcohol in my car and vine for warm vine. I do not need anything else.

Weather is still the same as it was in Møllehøj. It is fogy and rainy. From the window I see Norwegian coast. Sun is fighting against fog. Hopefully weather will be better. I want to do geocaching.

Boat speakers are saying that we are in Norway. Drivers can start engine only after we are allowed by the crew member. I see how they are opening big gates. We are allowed to get out of the boat. Customs officer asks me we are I am going. To Norway is my answer with smile on my face. He wants to know where exactly. After he finds out that my goal is Nordkapp (North cape) he lets me go.

Finally I am in Langesunde, Norway. I can get out for short walk and find my first geocache from this kingdom. Few minutes from docks is small forest part where is couple of caches. Woods are full of bunkers from war and plenty of artillery silos. For a while mist go away and I can see the sea. Unfortunately I can not find any geocache.

At the end few miles away I found my first geocache. In small dock full of fishing boats. Now I am really happy with this day and finally can drive towards Gardermoen airport. She will lend in 20 hours so I have plenty of time.

Bad weather is following me all the way and traffic is very slow. I need to get used to it. In coming week I will not go faster than 50 mph. During my way I am trying to find good place for the night. However without any luck. Near the airport I am going to every side road to find some good place where I can get some sleep.

One of the side roads goes to woods and after few meters is locked gate. I park close to the gate and go to sleep. Early in the morning one guy wakes me up, because he need to get into the woods and I am blocking the road. He is nice and polite and I do my best to get of his way as soon as possible. It is about 6:00 am. In next side road I go back to sleep. In the evening I left my stinky shoes under my car, I need to go back to get them.

My girlfriend will arrive in 6 hours. What I will do now? Next to the airport is geocache series. I am going to look for them. While I am caching I discovered place whet during World War second crashed plane. Whole circle took me about 3 hours. I have a warm lunch on gas station, clean my windows refill the tank. Shortly before my girlfriend will land, I am going to wait her. From now on both of us will enjoy this road trip and admire beauty of Norway kingdom. So far I am on the way for four days and so far I saw Møllehøj and bit of nature in Norway. I am sure that coming day will be totally different.

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