Norwegian trip – North Cape

North Cape is 307 m / 1007 ft high cliff, which goes up vertically directly from the sea. It is most northern point of continental Europe reachable by car. Most norther point is about 1,5 km / 0,9 miles away and it is called Knivskjelodden – it is part of Magerøya island. However there is no road and everyone needs to walk there. Visit of North Cape is winter is amazing experience. If you want to know more, keep reading. 🙂

Finally the DAY is here. Finally we will reach most norther point of our trip. Will we be able to reach it. Last part of the road is closed. Saturday morning (11/24/16) we wake bit wondering, if we will reach North Cape. It is only 13 km away, however during the winter it is reachable only two times per day. Each car going there has to be part of the convoy which leaves at 11:00 am or 12:00 am. Driver of a snow plow can decide which cars can go up and which are not allowed. Rescuer rule says, that in convoy can not be more people, than rescuers are able to get to safety in case something went wrong.

This is our lucky day. Conditions so far are not so bad, and convoy is not necessary. Road is closed only during the night. We can drive to North Cape by our self. Road is covered by snow of course so my boyfriend needs to drive carefully. I could much more enjoy the country side up here. After arrival we have found out we are first visitors. Nobody is here. There is huge building called North Cape hall (Nordkapphallen), but it is closed. While we was waiting, we have made warm breakfast. Not much people can say they have self made breakfast at most northern point of Europe. In the meantime snow plow has come. For a while is this place just ours.

Unfortunately we did not have a good weather. It is windy, snowy and too cold. All the views from the cliff were covered by fog and low clouds. However we could clearly see the globe, symbol of North Cape. We took couple of picture with the globe and Mike went to search fo geocache. He can not leave the place without the cache. While he was digging snow on Nort Cape, I went to take couple of picture of few other places. There is 7 interesting monuments made by 7 children from different continents. All together is symbolize cooperation, friendship, hope and happiness.

From 10:00 am is North Cape hall open. We are happy about it, finally we do need to be freezing outside. There is coffee shop, restaurant, souvenir shop and much more. I would never thought that it has even small cinema, where you can watch short movie about live up here. If you are postcard person, you can send one from here with special stamp. Under the ground floors are small exhibitions about history of this amazing place. They show important history events of the North Cape till nowadays. At the end of corridor is big dark room. You can watch here light shows describing all 4 seasons on North Cape. None of us understood it. Last rooms explains lot of facts. Everyone can understand why is there couple of days during the year without sun, why in summer they have sun for 24 hours or what is Aurora borealis.

After such a extensive walk in underground it is time to grab a coffee and have Kokosbolle. It is some kind of a cake. After the rest we went to souvenir shops buy some present for our friends back home. Shortly before 2:00 pm it is time to leave North Cape. Road is covered by snow and it is already getting dark. We have decided to wait for local bus. I am sure bus driver knows the road.

This is also the day, when we left the Norway. However before that, we have seen northern lights again. They were following us during big portion of our ride to Finland. Roads in Finland are covered by ice, but pretty straight. As my boyfriend is saying they were created with huge ruler. Everywhere around the road is woods. Any kind of animal could jump on the road. There is plenty of sign showing reindeer or moose. As always we got lucky again. Local driver passed us. He did not care about speed limits. Besides that he has some kind of super lights on his cars. I bet those are used to light up a football stadium. My boyfriend was speed driving behind him. This saves us a lot of time.

During the night we have reached Ivalo village. We spend night in Ivalo River Camping. Mike has managed to get better price for small hut. Also we could take a shower and cook something in the kitchen. What a great place. In the camp was few people. For us this means much more than we are used to in last couple of days. It was another great day, but trip is not over yet 🙂

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