Norwegian trip – Northern lights in Alta

After another night in Lofoten Camping Storfjord we are ready to move. On the Lofoten islands we wanted to spend 3 day, it now we are ready to go to north. At the beginning we wanted to hike to Hoven hill (368 m / 1207 ft) on Gimsøya island. It is one of the easiest hikes in Lofoten and we had just couple of hours for hike. However weather changed our plans. It was foggy with showers, so we have decided to visit Gimsøya lighthouse. Path to lighthouse goes thru old pier, but building is nice. Mike was looking for cache and in the meantime I took couple of pictures. Then we were ready to go back.

Our next stop is Kabelvåg village. It is situated on south coast of Austvågøya island. Village is very nice, so we have spend some time walking and of course looking for the geocache. It was hidden at the end of the prier near really small lighthouse. Both of us enjoyed views to the sea. We did not care about the bad weather. It just made Lofoten mystical.

Few minutes drive from Kabelvåg is city called Svolvær, which is Lofoten capital. High mountains around city make it interesting. To follow our tradition of the day we went for a short walk on prier. On the way we have seen huge driers for fishes. At the end of the prier is sculpture of Fisherman wife, who welcome boats returning to the docks. Of course we have geocache from this place as well.

Svolvær is our last stop on Lofoten. We are moving up to north to see northern lights. Before we leave this beautiful place we stop at Austnesfjorden rest place to cook dinner. However this is not regular rest place near the road. Wooden path goes to the small hill with amazing view to the valley.

Last goal of the day is to get as close as possibly to Alta city, which is one of the best to see northern light. We have found High-North Camp Birtavarre which is situated about 3,5 hours drive from Alta. All the facilities are closed, but we have build the tent out of sight. Hardest part of the day was find place to spend the night. Most of the road to Alta follows coast, which means on one side you have a see and on the other side mountain. This is the first place where tent is on the snow. Finally bit of adventure.

Next morning (11/23/2016) we were super quick to pack all our stuff. On our way to Alta we have seen beautiful nature covered by snow. Sunrise made it amazing.Shortly after lunch time we were in Alta. According to northern light forecast, we know that we need to wait for it in the city. As a real hikers we have decided to spend that time in shopping mall. We needed to buy few presents for our friends back home and taste some local food. From the menu we have chosen Rudolf pancake, which is reindeer meet. It was delicious. It had to be great, because it cost about 20 € per person.

Till the 5 pm we have plenty of time. Alta is known for northern light cathedral – Alta Church (Nordlyskatedralen – Alta Kirke). Tower of the church is 47 meters high. Cathedral is from outside covered by titan, so it perfectly reflects northern lights. Which makes the experience even stronger.

Later that evening we have start searching for a great place to watch Aurora borealis. First we have been close to ski areal near Alta, later we have moved back to the Alta. We were moving from one place to another in order to spot aurora. However without any luck we have decided to move on. On our way to Nord cape we have seen something. It is northern light or not? It is just clouds? Both of us were nervous. After driving for couple of minutes we have finally saw green light on the sky. We were watching directly from the road how the shape of green light is changing. For me it was something really special. My boyfriend was a bit disappointed. Aurora looks differently in reality than on professional pictures. On the pictures is much greener and of course location is much better.

Anyway another goal of the trip achieved. We have seen northern lights. We will remember it for a very long time and also we have couple of pictures. Now we are going fulfill another dream – visit North cape (Nordkapp). In late night we have reached Kirkeporten camping few minutes drive from Nordkapp. We we so tired, that we did not even build tent ans spend the night in the car. It was a great day, because we have seen northern lights.

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