Norwegian trip – Santa Claus Village

Friday (11/25/2016) we are waking up in Ivalo village in Finland. After I have opened door from our small hut, I am sure we are part of fairytale. Everything is covered by snow, trees look amazing. Winter might become my favorite season of the year. Our main goal for today is to move as south as possible. However, we do not want to sit in the car all day. Mike has stored couple of geocaches in his phone. Thanks to the geocaching we have visited couple of beautiful places already.

Today, besides the geocaching, my boyfriend tested also icy roads in Finland. In next video, you can watch how long does it take to stop on icy road if you are driving about 60 mph. You can guess how long does it takes. Who of you expected it will take about 12 seconds. Video is only in Slovak. Sorry about that.


I really liked the cache called Potkkukelekka. We have seen from the road big sculpture of women standing on rest place. She holds some kind of sled with chair on top of it (potkukelekka in finish). Lady name was Marta. Later we have seen couple of people actually using this. I believe it is their traditional way how to move during the winter. Another cache brings us to river close to Vikajärvi village. Red bridge was crossing the river. With dramatic river and lovely nature around it looked all together great.

In the afternoon, we have reached Rovaniemi city. Before we have entered the city center we have spot turn to Santa Claus Village or Joulupukin Pajakylä. At the parking place is huge map, which lets visitor knows what can they found in here. You can find here Santa`s office, toys factory or Santa snow mobile rental. This place looks great. We can go back to kid’s day and we can meet Santa. However, it is not that simple. As soon we have entered toys factory, we have realized that it is only millions of souvenirs shops. Santa probably produce all his toys in China 🙂 Biggest building is Santa`s office. On top of the building is sign saying “Santa is here”. We have to meet Santa. We have found doors, which will bring us to him. Behind the door is long hallway, enjoy the time machine, lots of letters from kids full of wishes and … we have found lots of people waiting to meet Santa. Besides that, for the picture with Santa you have to pay 40 €. We did not want to waiting in a cue for a long time. For sure we are not going to pay that much for the picture. We do not have picture of Santa from Santa Claus village, but we have geocache.

When I am talking about geocache, we have made small detour to Sweden. Mike wants to have geocache from all Nordic countries so we are going to visit Haparanda city, which is on Finland – Sweden border. Within a short time, we have found two geocaches so we could keep going to south. In late evening, we have reached Pihtipudas city. We have park at gas station. We have been bit surprised, because we cannot get gas, despite the fact gas station is open. We could use only automat. We could not find place where to put tent, so we spend night in the car, at the back of the gas station. We have slept well, because it was snowing during the night and in the morning, we were not woken up by daylight.

On Saturday, we have moved to Helsinki, capital of Finland. We had plenty of time so we went to city center to see city a bit. However suddenly I got so depressed that we are not in the nature anymore and in the middle of big concrete jungle. Place is full of buildings and people of course. I do not want to spend more time in this place. So, we went to dock and wait for ferry to Tallinn. My boyfriend helped me to get over this shock and show me interesting game on his mobile. I am sure it is a pity not to see Helsinki a bit and haven`t see anything. At 8:30 pm our ferry leave the Finland and start heading towards Tallinn. Band was playing here, lots of bars and restaurants and my boyfriend who is sea sick:D. In Tallinn, we have change our car for four-star hotel Ülemiste. Hotel was great, but it was not a ten.

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