Norwegian trip – total costs

If you have read all articles about trip to Lofoten and to North cape, probably you were thinking also about the costs. In this article we will try to explain how much cost whole trip, and what you need to know.

Next table shows our itinerary with links to all articles:

11/13/2016 – 11/16/2016Road to Norway with stop in Møllehøj
11/18/2016 – 11/192016Atlantic road and road to Lofoty
11/20/2016 – 11/22/2016Lofoten
11/23/2016Northern lights in Alta
11/24/2016At the top of the Europe – North cape
11/25/2016 – 11/26/2016Santa Claus Village, Sweden geocache and road to Tallin
11/27/2016 – 11/29/2016Highest Baltic summits

We knew we are going to write couple of article from our adventure to up North. There fore we have noticed lots of details and take lots of notes. In next two tables you will see all the costs related to trip.

Table below shows all the cost related to travelling by own diesel car. How much diesel we needed and what are highway costs. If you have diesel car with consumption about 4,1 per 100 kilometer, cost should be really similar. Of course if the cost of diesel or exchange rate will not change.

FromToDistance (km)Diesel (liter)Prize(€)Notes
10Czech highway vignette
BratislavaMagdeburg, DEU74038,1340
FlensburgHirtshals, DNK384,518,1623,34
HirtshalsLangesund44,1Ferry– 1 person and car
LangesundGardermoen, NOR3652126,45
6,02Gardermoen parking
ÅfarnesSølsnes – Åfarnes12,48Ferry– 2 persons and car
10,98Tunnel to Kristiansund
KanestraumHalsa14,59Ferry– 2 persons and car
BodoMoskenes100,22Ferry– 2 persons and car
4,64Alta parking
AltaInari, FIN706,434,1745,41Thru Nordkapp
HelsinkiTallin, EST68Ferry – 2 persons and car
VoruAlytus, LTU705,936,9536,17
AlytusLedziny, POL6913536,37
LedzinyBratislava, SVK366,420,6221,94
49,69Norwegian toll
— TOGETHER —8478,1424,12579,42Average cosumptions 5l /100km

As I have already mention we did all the way with my car. Because of this we had to be prepared for toll in Norway. There is nothing to be worried about. You will register yourself and your car at That is it. Two months later after we got back I have received invoice to my email address. I have paid everything easily by credit card.

However whole trip did not cost less than 600 €. Some other costs needs to be included like accommodation, food and expensive entrance to North Cape. All those cost are in table below:

LocationCost categoryCost (€)
Kviltorp campingAccommodation – 2 persons/night26,18
Lofoten camping StorfjordAccommodation – camping hut – 2 persons/2 nights77,68
Ivalo campingAccommodation – camping hut – 2 persons/night30
Ülemiste Tallin ****Accommodation – hotel – 2 persons/night + breakfast79
Green park hotel Villnius ***Accommodation – hotel – 2 persons/night+ breakfast43
NordkappEntrance fee – 2 person58,03
— ALL TOGETHER —313,92

Last part of the cost is food. We do not know exactly all the costs related to food. We have taken lots of food from home, because we have planned to cook for our selves. This means we have to take all cooking equipment. It is hard to say how much food we used. At least half of it we bring back home. Total cost of the first shopping was about 110 eur.

In Norway we had to buy only few things. Mainly sweets, bread and smoked salmon (which is cheap). Cheapest retail store is Bunnpris. Besides this we have tried reindeer meet (cca 20 €/person) or had salmon steak for dinner or had a great snack in Kristiansund. Cost of the food is really related to your budget.

Similar situation is with souvenirs. We have bring back couple of thinks for our friends like shot glasses, babies clothes, chocolate from each country. It is always good to go to the shop a check prices. Sometimes you can find special offer, which means good price. As always not all special offer are good deals.

Nordic countries are most rich countries in the world. This fact reflect in the prices of pretty much everything. We were glad to go there out of the high season. Accommodation was much cheaper. Lots of camping were closed. By closed I mean no service, but you can place your tent there.

If you want to go for similar trip to Norway and you still have few questions, feel free to ask in any of the articles. I will do my best to give you an answer. Both of us can strongly recommend trip to Norway. Nature is beautiful over there. I am sure you would love to come back as we do.

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