Norwegian trip – Trollstigen

Hooray! Vacation starts. It is Wednesday (11/16/2016) and I go with suitcase to bus station. I need to go to Vienna airport and I am bit scarred wondering how everything will turn out. This is going to be my first flight ever. My boyfriend is already travelling for four days. We will meet in Oslo, where he is going to pick me up. Everything what he has done is described in article Norwegian Trip – Møllehøj in Denmark. Back to my flight. I flew with Norwegian. At the airport I should be two hours before flight. It should be enough for everyone to find correct flight. For me it was lucky day I asked Slovak group, which was heading to Oslo as well. In couple of minutes I was waiting for the right plane. At the beginning I was a bit scared, however at the end I have enjoyed flight. At 2:40 pm we have landed at Oslo-Gardermoe, where Mike was waiting for me.

Weather forecast for next couple of days for south of Norway is bad, therefore we change our plans. Instead of south we are going from airport directly north to Åndalsnes city, about 450 km north from capital city. We are going to spend the night in Åndalsnes Camping & Motell couple kilometers from Trollstigen. High tourist season is over, so camp is almost empty. From the camping place we have great view to surrounding mountains. We have prepared quick dinner. In this surrounding it was a romantic dinner.

First night in tent was OK. No one was cold. In the morning we took our time, there was no need to rush. We have packed all our stuff and cleaned our selves. It was about 10:30 am when we start heading towards Trollstigen.

About 15 km /10 mi from Åndalsnes in the mountains is situated curvy road called Trollstigen – troll road. Part of the Rv63 road is created by 11 curves which are going from see level to 800 m / 2625 ft. In the late autumn is this part of the road closed for all vehicles, so we decided to walk all the way up. We have left our car on big parking place above Trollstigen camping. By the way camping is closed from October to March. On the parking place you can find helpful information sign. We had two options how to go up. Either we will follow road or we go up via hiking path called Kløvstien. Road would be like enjoying this from a car, so we decided for nice road.

On our right side is small stream called Istra and few steps further we see small waterfall on our left side. We both liked it, but our attention got caught by waterfall Stigfossen, which is 180 m / 590 ft height. On top of that we will cross this waterfall via stone bridge. Some part of the road are covered by ice and even big peaces of ice are falling on the road. Now we understand why is road closed. As hikers, we are here not alone. In the distance I see guy descending via hiking path and he is very slow. We did not understand why is going so carefully, but we have understood that later.

During whole ascent we have been admiring all the beauty around us. Isterdalen valley was under our feet. As we got higher and higher we could better see whole road. It is not a surprise Trollstigen is so popular. All the time mountains Kongen, Finnan and Alnestinder were watching us. I am sure each peak is worth of visit. Slowly we are getting to upper parking place in Stigrøra saddle. From saddle is great view on Bispen summit on our right. With colorful wooden houses it seems to me like fairytale. It is around 1:00 pm. There is modern information center with coffee house, but out of the season it is closed. Despite the fact building is really modern it fits country very well. There are also to view points. Both of them offers great view on whole Trollstigen road. It took us a time to enjoy the view from both of them, took look of pictures and find all the geocaches hidden near by. From one of the view point leads hiking path to Alnestinden summit (1 665 m / 5 463 ft). Unfortunately we do not have enough time and it start to be windy. It is time to descent.

On the way back we prefer Kløvstien hiking path. Terrain is rocky and icy, we have to be careful. Now we understand why that guy was so slow. Bit lower from the saddle is wind free place. Good spot to set up our own kitchen. It is time to have warm soup. We are not going to spend here a lot of time, because we will be cold soon. In half way down are chains. By slow and careful steps we are back to the car at 4:45 pm. Soon it will be dark, so we better move.

Both of us needed a shower, so we have decided to spend night in Kviltorp Camping in Molde. Place for the tent was close to the see. Great place to listen waves. Till bed time we have plenty of time. After the shower we have spend lot time in the kitchen. Goulash soup with potatoes and sausage was delicious. We have talked about Trollstigen and plans for next coming days. It was already bed time, when we have notice what time it is. Time to go bed! I was not feeling OK, so I have decided to spend the night in shower room. There are 6 of them, so I take one for the night, it should be OK. At the beginning I was sure it is a good idea. Why to sleep in cold tent? There is free warm room. However there was one thing I did not realize. Lights went automatically on with every single move in the room. At the end it was warm but terrible night. Later during the trip I always slept in proper places.

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