Ostry Rohac – symbol of west Tatras

Weather forecast for Alps is not good for the weekend. I am bit sad, because in couple of days we are going to Tirol climb Similaun (3 606 m / 11 831 ft) and Wildspitze (3 770 m / 12 369 ft) – second highest summit in Austria. Small acclimatization would be useful. At least we are not going to sit at home during the weekend and we will go to west Tatras also called Rohace. In good weather conditions I would like to do whole ridge from Volovec to Banikov including Ostry Rohac.

On Friday morning I am going to work with all stuff and ready to go to Alps. I believe, that weather forecast will change. Unfortunately it gets even worse for the weekend. As a back up plan we decided to go to West Tatras. I manage accommodation and after work I need to go to the service with my car. Around 6 pm we are ready to hit the road. Traffic jams complicates our way to the north of Slovakia. After arrival, we go for glass of wine and we are ready to sleep. On Saturday afternoon it should rain, so we need to get up early.

At 5:15 am alarm clock goes on. We need to get dressed quickly, pack our staff and hit the road. Shortly after 6 am we are leaving the car at parking space and doing first steps. Surprisingly we are not charged for parking. Road to Tatliakova hut is hell. Doesn`t matter if I am going to or from hike, I hate this part. One hour later we are having small breakfast at Tatliakovo pleso (mountain lake near hut). With good view I am able to show Lucka where we are going.

To saddle Zabrat it is not that far. I have a feeling we got there in a minute. Up here sun rays warm up our happy faces. It is time to put sunscreen on and change clothes. There is nobody besides us and we can enjoy silence. We keep walking thru Rakon and Volovec. Quite a few people are on Volovec. Few meters below we are having break with great view on Ostry Rohac. It is magnificent peak.

When I was a small kid, about 10 years, it was first time when I was on Volovec. My first summit over 2000 meters / 6562 ft and I was crying. I was not happy about the summit, I badly wanted to go Ostry Rohac and my dad didn`t want to go there with me. Since than I have been there with my dad, and on lot of different summits not only in West Tatras.

After short break we are going to Jamnicke saddle and from here up to Ostry Rohac using some chains. So far weather is good and we can clearly see lots of different peaks. High Tatras are already covered by dark clouds, which are going our direction. It is almost 100% now, that we need to descent in Smutne saddle. Our plan was to go Banikov, but Ostry Rohac and Placlive will be enough. I love all the exposed places, where you can not simply walk and need to use your hands as well. It is time to descent a climb Placlive, which is next summit.

About two months ago we have been in Placlive. We ascended from Ziarska hut and there was a lot of snow. In some spots half of my body was in snow. Most of the time we had snow up to our knees. Today there is no snow at all. We have a good time and clouds are approaching us much slower. We are having a rest in meadow above Smutne saddle.

Shortly after 12 am, I am checking clouds. Wondering if we should start descending or going to Banikov summit. I believe that going down is better option. First of all in the afternoon there should be some rain showers. Second factor is that my fingers hurt a lot during descending. I have no clue why, but I want to get to the car as soon as possible. This pain is killing me. From Smutne saddle we descend quickly, but with the all the pain I am slower and slower.

I have no idea what is going on. I have already walked hundreds of kilometers in those shoes. Before the crossroads to Rohacke lakes, I need to sit down and check my feet. Mystery is solved in seconds. Nails on my fingers are long. Knife which I am carrying for all my hikes doesn`t have scissors. There is nothing I can do with nails for the moment. Luckily to the car it is not more than 2 hours.

At the Tatliakova hut we are having longer break. I really enjoy beauty of this place, despite it is crowded. Promised rain from weather forecast is not coming so we have time to stay for a while. Ostry Rohac and Placlive get most of our attention. We have been there couple hours ago.

Descent to the car is going to be pain. Asphalt road to the parking place is always the pain. We are bit slower than in the morning. It would be nice if we could rent scooter as it is on Ziarska hut. It is much faster and much more fun to go down then walking for an hour.

Hike to Ostry Rohac and Placlive is one of the most famous hikes in West Tatras. I have done it for couple of times, but I will come back in future for sure. It offers lots of stunning view, but mostly because it is not regular walking hike and from time to time you have to use your hands.

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