Predjama castle and Postojna cave

Beauty of Slovenia is known to lot of people. We go to this beautiful country very often, mainly because of mountains. This time during a long weekend we have come to Slovenia because of the Predjama castle, which is built in the rock wall. Few minutes’ drive from the castle is real nature treasure – Postojna cave.

Entrance to the cave and to the castle is 35,70 € per person. Definitely it is not a cheap, but it is definitely worth it. It will be paid back by the beauty you will see in these two places.

As I have already mentioned, castle is built in rock wall with cave. Outside part of castle is under overhanging part of the wall and upper part is built in cave. Castle itself has four floors. Inside of the castle is really few original items, but still there is lot of things to see.

Old prison, traditional clothes or old school weapons. Of course, you would like to know about secret tunnels. I personally liked the old legend, which says how that most famous owner Erazem Lueger was killed. When king went to the rest room, one of his servant told enemies he is over there and they killed him.

About 15 minutes’ drive from the castle is another spectacular place called Postojna cave (Postojnska jama). Besides that, it is biggest cave in Slovenia it has a longest trail (almost 5 kilometers/3 miles) in the world. On top of that, this is only one place, where lives Proteus anguinus – special cave creature. In the cave is concert hall or congress meeting room. Most beautiful where statues made by nature. Most of them were formed by Pivka river.

My husband enjoyed also two rides by special cave train, which were not slow at all. Sometimes I had to cover my had, because I was scared of hitting my head. In that speed I was not sure how far is the ceiling.

Cave tour is bit longer than we are used to it. Guide will provide you with all needed information. If you like caves, or you just like to visit beauty of different countries, for sure visit those two places in Slovenia. Trust me 🙂

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