“Quick hike to Negoiu”

Probably most of you have already heard about Fagaras mountain range in Romania. Some of you maybe already hike in this part of Carphatian. It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Sleeping outside in the tent surrounded by beautiful peaks. Unfortunately, we didn’t have so much time so we hiked only to second highest summit of Romania – Negoiu (2 535 m / 8 317 ft).

Hotel Cabana Paltinu in lake Balea (2 034 m / 6 673 ft) serves breakfast from 8 am. With the slow service it means we start hiking shortly before 9 am. With full balley it was hard to hike to Cumătura Bâlei saddle (2 202 m / 7 224 ft). Here we have found out that to Negoiu peak it takes more than 6 hours. If you already have been there, you know it is really lovely hike, walking up and down for whole day.

Despite the great weather forecast, it is bit fogy. Sometimes we can barely see each other in the fog. After 30 minutes we have reached meadow called Şaua Paltinuliu (2 345 m / 7 693 ft). The place is really magical. In the distance we hear bit of voices and wind. Great place to lay in the grass and relax. However, we want to hike. We descent what we have gained so far.

Path starts to be more interesting. First chains, first technical parts. Finally, are clouds gone and we see where we are going. Just in front of us is summit Lăiţel (2 390 m / 7 841 ft). So, let’s go down again and then up! On the top we spend just couple of minutes. It would be better to spend more time on the way back, once there is not so many people. We want to look also for geocache.

Descent from the summit is most interesting so far. Short rock, make it more fun. In about 40 minutes we have reached lake Călţun (2 135 m / 7 005 ft). What a lovely place to rest. As always, we have some food in a back pack. Near the lake is lots of people relaxing, some of them spend night here. Water is crystal clear, but cold.

It is after lunch a we have still not reached Negoiu. After few minutes of walk we are informed by sign, that our path is closed due to falling rocks. Luckily there is another path, longer, which will take us to the summit. First, we need to go steeply up, then traverse for 30 minutes another summit and we are on Negoiu summit (2 535 m / 8 317 ft) shortly before 2 pm. Both of us are surprised how crowded is the summit. Romanian signs some local song and we are enjoying views to valley.

After a longer break we start to descent. Just below sign about closed bath is really super small stream. It is great opportunity to refill our battles as we are running out of water. Way back was bit faster and without the clouds. So, we could see what was covered by clouds in the morning. Last hour or so was just „autopilot“. After 10 hours of hiking both of us were tired.

I have already dreamed about hot soup with great herbal tea. Last night waiter in Cabana Paltinu hotel was really strict and informed us: „Soup is finish, herbal tea is finish, hot chocolate is finish.“ Maybe we are used to different kind of service from huts in Alps, or maybe he had just bad day. Anyway, tonight we want to different restaurant for dinner.

Next day we went only for short walk to lake Capra. After the breakfast we have checked out and ascent only 280 m / 980 ft to Şaua Caprei saddle (2 315 m / 7 595 ft). Group of Polish soldiers follow us. It was to watch them. Some of them were pretty fast, others were really slow, taking thousands of pictures, smoking and enjoying the hike. In less than hour we have reached really beautiful lake. Also, here is couple people with tent, packing after the night. We sit on lovely space and enjoyed beauty of this place.

Now, it is time to leave this place and start heading back to Slovakia. On Transfagarasan road was super big traffic jam. We were glad not be stuck there. For sure, we will come back one day at least for one week and hike whole mountain range from west to east and sleep outside.

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