Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata

Did you know you can climb via ferrata route inside the cave? Probably not a regular cave with path for visitor and lights, but Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata is really worth of visit. Especially when you realize that from end Kaiser Franz Joseph via ferrata it is only 15 minutes walk to reach Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata.

You know you have reached Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata by the sign you will see in the middle of meadow. Almost no rocks around the sign gives you strange feeling, where should I climb. Closer look will show you end of the route which is coming from big hole in the middle of meadow. Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata starting point is behind edge. You can tell by the iron rope coming down.

Before I have started to descent I had some food and something to drink. Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata begins with 15 minutes descent. For me it was not an easy part. It is always better go up. All the way down I was looking around and searching for iron cramps. Luckily, there is plenty of them. There was few spots, where descent wasnt that easy. In total you descent about 40 metres / 130 feet.

Once you are done with descent, you go horizontally for a while and enter the cave with big entrance. Immediately you will notice cable bridge, which goes from one side of the cave to another. Reach cable bridge and go thru is really piece of a cake. Harder part starts once you done with bridge. As a lower guy I have a bit difficulty to climb from this place. I had to use arms power to pull my self up. Later I have noticed iron sticks going out of the wall, which I could use. It is bit darker in the cave, and it is hard to spot them.

From place where I am, I can clearly see remaining part of Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata with one part D/E difficulty, which is a bit overhang. Took me a while to check all the places, where I can step safely including iron cramps. By the look this part looks difficult, however I get thru with no problems. At the end of Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata sun is shining directly into my face and it is hard to see anything. However last part is really easy, you just need to find good place to step.

During hot days is Rosslochhöhlen via ferrata great place where to be. In the cave you can cool down and with combination with Kaiser Franz Joseph via ferrata it makes great plan for one day climbing trip.

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