Salina Turda and Transfagarasan road

In the middle of August, we have decided with my wife to have a long weekend. Originally, we wanted to visit Dolomites in Italy. However, weather has changed our plans. It seems it will be rainy in whole alps and we need to go somewhere else. We need to go totally different directions.

We have not been to Balkans a lot. Besides that, there should be great weather whole time. Next four days we will spend in Romania. We will visit great salt mine called Salina Turda. Then we will visit one of the most iconic roads of Europe – Transfagarasan. Till the Sunday we can enjoy the time in the mountains and hiking in Romanian part of Carpathian Mountains.

Wednesday after work we get into the car and start heading thru Hungary as close as possible to Turda city. According google maps it takes more than 8 hours. We spend night near Alesd city in motel.
Next morning, we keep going toward Salina Turda salt mine. As we are getting close to the salt mine, I can tell it will be crowded. Cars are everywhere, trying to avoid paid parking.

After parking in parking place, we paid the entrance tickets (paid by card). There is described whole history of the mine. On top of that you can see how they get salt from the mine in the past. Most interesting part of the mine is super huge „room “. Lights installed in it make it looks great. Inside you can play table tennis, mini golf or ride on Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, it is paid and it has to be paid by cash. One „level “ below you can rent a small boat and have fun on small inside lake. However, this is paid as well (only in cash) and there is huge queue.

Parking has to be paid in cash as well. Luckily, I have few bucks from my last trip. For lunch we are stopping in Turda city. Before leaving the city, we stop in ATM to get some cash. Just in case ?

Road to Fagaras is fast. There are few highways, which make it even faster. Once I turn right from the road connection Sibiu and Brasov I am bit happier. Road 7C is known as Transfagarasan. As a passionate driver I will enjoy next few miles.

First minutes of drive are not as expected, because we are not in the mountains yet. However, it will change soon. In the woods is lots of 180 degrees curves. Please, be careful. On the road is lots of cars and people. Just above bottom station of cable car, starts the part of the road, which is known to most of us from different pictures or Top Gear.

Plenty of cars and people looking on the word via screen of phone or camera cannot let me enjoy the road as I would like to. Cars, bikes, people are everywhere.

In Balea lake saddle it is totally crowded. It is time to go for a small walk, take some pictures and find place where we will sleep. Hopefully tomorrow in mountains it will be less crowdy.

Find an accommodation is not a problem. I am surprised it is more expensive than in Alps. This could be reason why most of the people are having a tent with them. We prefer to stay in hotel this time, as we want to hike a lot.

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