Schermberg – Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains)

Yesterdays ascent to Grosser Priel was not an easy. At Welser Hutte hut we relaxed, have a good sleep and today we can continue hiking thru Totes Gebirge. Our todays goal si to climb Schermberg summit (2 396 m / 7  860 ft), which is directly above Wesler Hutte. From Schermberg we will go to Tamlbergsattel. Maybe we will try to ascent to Temlbert itself, but most probably not. After that, we will go back to Priel-Schutzhaus hut and descent to parking place in Hinterstoder.

Schermberg (2 396 m / 7 860 ft)

You can clearly see Schermberg summit directly from Welser Hutte. In the morning we can clearly see top, where we want to be in next couple hours. Shortly after 7 we are leaving hut. At first crossroad we split to two groups. Via ferrata guys and Brano, who is going up by hiking path. From cross-road to beginning of Tassilo (Schermberg) via ferrata it takes about 15 minutes. You need to cross stone screes. Via ferrata itself is from my point of view is more exposed hiking path than via ferrata, however in all cases I strongly recommend to have all via ferrata equipment.

From Schermberg is great view in all directions. On East you can clearly see Grosser Priel. On south it is Temlberg, and almost everywhere is Totes Gebirge plateau. Ascent to Schermberg took about 3 hours by via ferrata (same it is by hiking path) and it is time to go. To get parking place will take few hours and we need also drive back home.

Totes Gebirge plateau

It is already second day we are hiking in Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains) and I am still thinking about name of this mountain range. I think that name describes it perfectly. Limestone rock are totally dead. There is no grass, no moss, no water. Limestone can not held any water, and all disappear somewhere below mountains. However you can see, that water has been here. I can tell by the “drawings”, which has been made by the water. Doesnt matter if it was in liquid state or as an ice. Some of the rocks looks like they are made of the concrete. From Schermber summit we were going thru plateau for 3 hours. There wa nothing except rocks and snow field. Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains) are named perfectly.

From hiking point of view is Totes Gerirge plateau hike easy. Rock looks bit slippery, but if you touch them they are abrasive. You can really step on some steep rocks and you will be fine. On the other hand you need to be carefull about rifts, hollows, sinkholes. Easily you can sprain your ankle.

Descent to Priel-Schutzhaus and parking place

In more than 3 hours we have made if from Schermberg to Klinserschlucht saddle (1 870 m / 6 135 ft). This is the spot where Totes Gebirge plateau ends. We can already see Priel-Schutzhaus and green country. It is nice change and it is good to know after 6 hours of hiking we are getting closer to the end. Descent from saddle to hut is nice and easy. Only in few parts you need to be more carefull. How we are descending, all of us can feel increasing temperature.

At Priel-Schutzhaus we are dead. My feet hurt, I am glad I can sit in shade. To gain energy I am having soup and apple juice on the hut. After short break it is time to start descending. Last two hours of hike and we are done. Beginning of the descent is fine, but it is getting more and more steep. I hate descent, I really do. Despite the this fact I need to struggle with extremely hot weather. I am totally exhausted. Finally I hit the gravel road, which will take me to the parking place. Before that, we have agreed we will bath in the mountain stream. Guys are already in the water. I am not able to get in. It is too cold, I just refresh my self a bit and start walking to parking place.

We have made it. Everyone is changing clothes and getting ready to hit the road. Before we can do that, we are asked to help one couple to start a car. Their car battery is dead. However my small car has not enough battery capacity to start VW van. We tried couple times, but without any result. Hopefully they found somebody else, who can help.

During my way home I am thinking about Totes Gebirge. I will come back for sure to Totes Gebirge again. Not only because of Bert Rinesh via ferrata, I need to explore western part of this interesting mountain range.

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