Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm

It is middle of the week and sitting in the office is killing me. Outside is hot with no clouds. I am thinking about going to mountains. Enjoy nice weather and spend few hours out of the city. Close friends ask me if I want to go to Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm. Of course I said yes. I just need to talk to my boss to have day off for Wednesday. Few hours later everything is set. Schneeberg is not far from the Bratislava, but for some reason I havent been there. I will change it tomorrow, we will hike to Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm.

It is Wednesday. Shortly after 5:00 my alarm clock goes on, I have to wake up, pack all my stuff and pick up my friends at 6:00 in the city. As always, it is no probem for me. Just thinking about going hiking gives me a lot of energy. Shortly after 6:00 we are leaving Bratislava towards Schneeberg. From highway we can clearly see our destination. Two hours late we are parking near Weichtalhaus (GPS parking coordinates N 47 44.802 E 15 46.202), where Weichtalklamm ravine starts.

We all know, that hike to Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm will take about 9 hours. Till sunset is plenty of time, so we do not need to rush. For me begining of the hike is always the hardest part of the day. For some reason I suffer first 15 minutes after that it is OK. My friends are faster than me, but I don’t care. Car keys are in my backpack, so they will wait at some point :). In less than 30 minutes terrain has changed dramatically. Ravine starts to be really close, and walk on the dried up stream is not easy. In some places we need to use ladders or climb using chains to get thru big rocks. In spring when the stream is full of water from melting snow, it can be real fun. It took us about two hours to reach Keinthallerhutte.

If you are going to Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm, you should take a break at Keinthallerhutte. Next to it is nice short via ferrata called Turmstein Ostkante. Via ferrata is very easy with one part of difficulty C. You can climb it in less than 10 minutes. For the Turmstein Ostkante you don’t need to use via ferrata equipment.

To reach Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm takes about 5 hours. Keinthallerhutte is half of the way up. In next two hours you will leave forest, go thru scrub pine. Last 45 minutes you are walking directly to the top of the Schneeberg. Already from the scrub pine forest, you can clearly see cross at the top of the hill.

From Schneeberg (Klosterwappen 2 076 m) is a great view in all directions. On the east you can see flat country, on the west it is curvy landscape of Raxalpen. Directly under the Schnneberg is cogwheel train station. From Schneeberg we continue to Fischerhutte for lunch. After lunch and short break we are doing few more steps up to Kaiserstein (2 061 m) with amazing rocks and gorgeous view on Puchberg village. As descent path we are taking path thru the valley to the Heinrich – Krempel Hutte. During the descent you have a great chance to see wild chamois. From Heinrich – Krempel Hutte to Keinthallerhutte descent takes about 15 minutes. From here it is less than 2 hours reach parking place. Make sure that during the descent you will not go via Weichtalklamm. There is better path for descent (see map in gallery).

Overall it takes 10 hours to do Schneeberg via Weichtalklamm. I have to say, we spend a lot of time in Keinthallerhutte eating snack and climbing Turmstein Ostkante via ferrata. As well on Fischerhutte, where we had a lunch. From my point of view hike can be done in less than 9 hours easily. Feel free to try it 🙂

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