Short hike in Sulovske skaly

In one of autumn weekend me and my girlfriend went for a family visit. However, we wanted to go for at least short hike. After small talk and thinking decision have been made – we are going to Sulovske skaly. It is almost on our way and there is possibility to have short and easy hike.

Our route started in parking Sulov towards the ruins of old castle, to Stefanik view and to crossroad called “Pod Rohačom”. From here we took yellow hiking path to meadow and back to the parking. For active hikers is this hike too easy.

At the beginning we have great warm up in steep hill until we reach crest. It is not something dramatic and I am sure everyone can manage it in less than 30 minutes. From the crest is great view to northwest and Sulovske skaly.

Path follows the crest, which means it goes up and down. Under the Sulov castle it is a bit steeper. Ruins has lot of places you can discover. Do not forget to climb all way to the top. You can not miss the magnificent view. We have spent lot of time in the castle because we were looking for geocache. Spoiler alert – cache is somewhere under the castle, not inside of the ruins. This is also written in cache listing.

From the castle we follow green hiking path towards the red one. Immediately path goes down steeply. Railing should help you with the safety. It is a short descent and after of couple minutes you are on the crossroad with red hiking path, which is forest road.

Red path will bring you to Stefanik view. From view all the rock of opposite crest are much closer to you. Again you need to ascent a bit until you reach almost flat terrain. Before you will reach crossroad with yellow path, do not miss another view point and rock mushroom.

Beginning of the yellow path is the worst part in whole hike. After few steps you will reach big rock window and path goes down really steeply. Without a sticks in mud it can be lot of fun. If you watch your steps it is possible to get down without any dirt on your but. Path goes directly between the rocks, where you will find couple of ladders. After that point you are already down. Few more minutes and you are out of the woods.

Rest of the hike to the parking place is peace of a cake. I was very happy to see couple of guys taking care of hiking path. All of us, hikers should be thankful for such a great work.

Sulovske skaly are definitely great option where to go if you are short of time or out of the shape. Circle hiked described in this article takes less than 4 hours and you will ascent less then 600 meters in altitude. Maybe it is a great place where to take your friends for first hike.

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