Silver Bullet Übungsklettersteig via ferrata

Last day of my summer vacation in Gastein valley was an easy day. We went for a short walk to Anlauf valley. Our hike started near railway tunnel, which cross Hohe Tauern. in Afternoon we went to Bad Gastein to “climb” Übungsklettersteig via ferrata.

Übungsklettersteig means training via ferrata. This name suits this route perfectly. You will reach via ferrata in couple of minutes. It really depends how far you will park your car. Before you start climbing sit down on a nice terrace, order soft drink or beer and enjoy nice place.

As you can see difficulty of via ferrata is very easy. Based on the dificulty is B with D options. You can see the D possibility totaly on the right. For experienced climbers it si good place to practise. That is what we did. Actually we have made a bet. I thought that I will be able to climb whole Silver Bullet Übungsklettersteig via ferrata with D option, without single touch of the rope. I have started from left. At the begining there was bit difficult place, but I made it thru. On top of the via ferrata I was almost 100% sure I will make it. However, descent prooved I am wrong.

For other it was just great possibility to start with via ferrata a do they first steps on the rocks. Possibility to find out if climbing via ferrata will become their favourite activity. The best part is the service you can get here. Are you thursty or hungry? Just get down from Silver Bullet Übungsklettersteig and you can order anything from menu 🙂

Silver Bullet Übungsklettersteig is great place where to spend nice afternoon climbing and have a nice diner at the same time. Do not miss this place during you Bad Gastein visit.

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