Slovak paradise – Kysel via ferrata

You know it for sure. During the week is weather great, but rain comes during the weekends. This is exactly one of those weekends. Forecast saying it will be warm, but with lots of rain showers. We did not know, where we will go. In car, we had pretty much all of our stuff. This is only way how to prepare for all of the option. Will see on Friday after work, where we will go.

After considering all our option we decided to go to Slovak paradise. We know it might get rainy, but here it should not be a big issue. Ten is also pack in the car, so we will sleep in Podlesok camping. Two persons in tent, including all the taxis and car it cost only 16 €. Camping place is quite full, with lots of hikers from all over the Europe.

In the morning, we have plenty of time. Enjoy breakfast on fresh air and the slowly walked into the paradise – literally. 🙂 We start at Hornad canyon. Young guy charges us entrance fee, which is 1,50 €/person. Night rain made everything wet and slippery. After few minutes of walk we have reached first steps, bridges and ladders. It starts to be interesting as well. Despite the full camp, there is not a lot of people on this hiking path. I am wondering if we are going in right time or right way.

Rain was not heavy enough, so some of the waterfalls are almost dry. Straka waterfall, Rainbow waterfall or Moss waterfall have very little water. We have to came back some other time. Probably in the spring.

Before noon we are Klastorisko. My boyfriend is a bit tired from heat and humidity, so we are going to take a short break. Most important we have bought our tickets to Kysel via ferrata. It costs 5 €/person. I do strongly recommend to buy it much earlier. We just got lucky. If you do not own via ferrata set, you can rent them on same places around via ferrata. Kysel secured path is C difficulty, for your own safety, do not go there without a proper equipment. In all materials is written, that via ferrata set is must, but somehow two people managed to get in without it. From my point of view, it was stupid. Path is not difficult, but its follow water stream so it is wet and slippery.

From Klastorisko we took yellow hiking path to Kysel ustie, where guy checked our tickets. It is time to put on our via ferrata sets, put on helmets. After couple of seconds we have seen iron ropes. Instead of being happy I have started to be disappointed a bit. “This is Kysel via ferrata?” I was bit disappointed. There is few crampons one feet above the stream and that is it. Later we walk in the stream for couple of minutes. I am wondering if we are going right way. In a while couple of other guys are passing us. Seems we are going right direction.

Finally, I am happy, first part of the via ferrata was just a beginning. Unexperienced climbers can at least try climbing a bit. Much more interesting parts are coming. For example, fifth part – Chapel waterfall. For me most interesting part is six – Dark place. In this part via ferrata goes thru really deep and dark canyon. Maybe this part is C difficulty. Also, part 8 is really nice – Huge waterfall. Next to the waterfall is ladder which goes up directly to the bridge. From this place, it is only few minutes of walk to crossroad Above Kysel.

It starts raining a bit, so we decided to go back to Klastorisko, where we have rented bikes for 5 €/persons and get really quickly to Podlesok. It was fun. However, we have mud everywhere. What a great day. I can strongly recommend Kysel via ferrata, it is beautiful. From my point of view, it is also suitable for unexperienced climbers. Now you need to find only free weekend and visit Slovak paradise. Enjoy Kysel via ferrata 🙂

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