Slovakia – inversion from Velky Rozsutec

Autumn is warm, which give us plenty of opportunities for hiking. In mountains we have a bit of first snow. So far it is not a hike stopper for most of the people and we can enjoy the mountains. During Saturday I have planned to go to Schneeberg in Austria, however I did not find anyone to join me. For Sunday I have decided to go different direction. Velky Rozsutec is really nice summit in Low Fatra. I hope someone will join me for the hike. And it really happened. Few other people joined me quickly a we were all set.

Early sunday morning I have picked up Renata, Michal and Peter. On Our way to north part of Slovakia we have stopped for Marek in Piestany. During our way to Low Fatra we have a chance to know each other a bit. I see all of them for the first time except Peter. I have been with him for small walk last week in Low Karpaty near Bratislava.

Shortly after 8:30 am I am parking my car in Stefanova village. Velky Rozsutec – most attractive peak in Low Fatra and from my point of view one of the most beautifull peaks in Slovakia is covered by fog. Shortly before 9 am we are leaving parking place. There is no rush, we have plenty of time. Our hike should take about 6 hours and we need to ascent bit more than 1 000 meters / 3 330ft. Few minutes above Stefanova village we could clearly see signs of comming winter. Some parts of ground were white and totally frozen. We dont mind, cause we have all the equipment needed for winter hikes. Besides that everyone is looking for nice inversion. We are still in the woods, but already above the clouds. I am able to identify some of mountains we can see. Close to saddle Medziholie we have stunning view at Velky Rozsutec, our todays destination. In saddle we have short break for refreshment and spending most of the time with setting up crampons. For all of my friends it is going to something totally new. They never hiked with crampons before. Setup takes more time than expected, but it is not an issue.

From saddle we go up slowly thru the woods. I have spend more time with helping other guys and now I need to set up my crampons properly. Above the forrest we spend more time with enjoying the view than hiking itself. The show which is going on below us is amazing. Clouds are going thru saddle from one valley to another. It could be great time lapse video. I am not only one.

Video author – B.J.R. Video

Velky Rozsutec is shining in sun light. I am start thinking about taking of crampons. We stop every little while, I dont have even time to warm up. But it is totally worth it. Views are just great. During our way up we meet a lot of people. Summit will be overcrowded for sure. I am nicely surprised it is not that bad. We have nice spot where we can put our back packs and enjoy the lunch. Most of all we can finally enjoy view from the top. View from Velky Rozsutec is just stunning.

In the Low Tatras I am trying to identify Ďumbier and Chopok. However I need to study bit more. On the other hand I know for sure Velky Choc and Babia Hora. I recommend to Peter go thru Low Fatra ridge. It is nice two days hike and it is possible to do it also in winter.

We are leaving Velky Rozsutec via north path in order to circle hike and visit Janosikove diery, at least part of it. Now I am glad I have crampons on. Top of the snow is well frozen and there only few steps are there. Descent was too short from my point of view. It is probably we spent lot of time enjoying the view during ascent. I was hopin we will be able to go to Maly Rozsutec as well, but we have no time. We take off quickly crampons and start descending to Janosikove diery.

Beginning of the descent is easy. We just need to watch for ice on the path. Later all the snow is gone, and only small pieces of ice remain. It is no need to put crampons back on. Stream is full of water from melting snow. Some parts of the path we are not able to cross without stepping into the water. During the descent we have met only two guys, who were faster the us. This is how I like hiking. Almost nobody on the paths. Everything is peaceful and quiet. From Pod Zdiar we need to ascent few meters and than descent to Stefanova. Village where I left my car.

All of us have lots of mud on our shoes. We need to get rid of it in small stream before we get to the car. Besides the mud some of my friends cut their trousers with crampons. It is not easy to walk with them, you need to be careful. Anyway all of us enjoyed the day in Velky Rozsutec. Whole hike took as about 7 hours, and we have spend on the summit 30 minutes. If we were bit faster we could visit also Maly Rozsutec. But it doesn’t matter. I will come back to Mala Fatra this winter for sure.

Pictures taken by Renata Durdova.

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